Mar 092011

10. McGlaughin Groove

Is a play on words for McGlaughin Group, a 1/2 hour TV program broad-casted in the United States. The lyrics of the song are based on actual off-hand comments made by the commentators of the show. Its completely nonsensical, which makes for perfect content of an AWK song!

9. Party Party Party

Created for the Aqua Teen Hunger Force TV show. This humorous parody of the familiar Party theme associated with AWK is highlighted in its lyrics O Party Party Party, partys make me farty, I gotta take an antacid, so I can keep on party. After the first couple of listens its pretty catchy! Gotta love the Bach-esque piano outro.

8. Hearing What I Said

This one slid under the radar due to Cartoon Network pulling the plug on the correlating music video from YouTube just a day after it was posted. This was probably PR damage control due to the out-cry from CN network fans against CNs new CNREAL programming change. I could careless about CN. But hey! us AWK fans got a music video and a song out of it, right?! The song is actually a rendition of Not Going To Bed from the CCWBW album.

7. I Was Born To Love You

If you havent heard of this one its because its brand-new! The new E-Single from Japan is a cover of the Freddie Mercurys song of the same name. Its Andrews latest release in a marketing blitz to build up to his upcoming EP (March 30th) and LP (sometime later this year hopefully). Andrew really belts it out in this one An Amazing Feeling, Coming Through!!!!

6. It Just Got Hotter

This was created in 2007 as the theme song for the Arizona hockey team Sun Dogs. Its a rendition of Fun Night from the I Get Wet album. Though it was primarily released from the official AWK website, what many people dont know is that there was an actual promo CD released for it as well. It also included the track You Will Remember Tonight on it. I love the way the song ends in this version Because-It-Just-Got-HOTTER.

5. Steev Mike Radio Commercial

Though not technically an actual song but more of a promo/advert/commercial. Ranked #5 because this will undoubtedly raise an eyebrow at the oddities found in the track. Not only does it contain Andrew W.K. stating hes Steev Mike (an Island Records recording artist) but it also has alternate versions of Its Time To Party, She Is Beautiful and others. Hey, its mixed together pretty well too!

4. The Santos Cheer

Though it has no official Andrew W.K. name credited to it, the night clubs theme song was obviously influenced/created by him. What you may not have known is that the Santos Party House Blog once offered the tracks within the song to competitors to create the best mix of the song for a prize. Its no wonder why this tune is one of the most popular B-Sides on this site. The news must have gotten out about this base-thumper and the catchy sing-a-long chorus! (if you have those individual tracks let me know!)

3. Kit Kat Song

Short and sweet, but what a regular song can only do in 2:30 this song does it in 30 seconds flat! The highs and lows, its all slam packed into this one. Dare I say way better than the original Kit Kat jingle?! I know at least 930 people that would agree with me.

2. Mickey Mouse Club March

Wow. Ranked #2 for a reason. Words cant really explain it, just listen to it.

1. Fang (Kiba)

For whatever reason, I never hear anybody talking about this song. Which is why Ive chosen it as the #1 spot for the most underrated-unknown song by AWK. Kiba is a Japan-only single and this English version entitled Fang really packs a punch. While collaborating with Marty Friedman, Andrews lyrical inspiration on this track may not have been rivaled since The Wolf (Fang (Kiba) lyrics here). Enjoy!

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