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Hello! I go by dickalan in the Andrew W.K. World and I’ve been running this fanpage since 2009. Because of donations from fine folks just like you, we’ve kept the party alive ever since then. Thank you!

I view this as a hobby and not a business. I have never profited a dollar from it. If that situation were to come up I would treat it much like a non-profit organization and reinvest the money back into the website. The most likely scenario would be prepaying for future hosting costs. However, if a rare Andrew W.K. item became available to purchase I could buy it. Then archive it on the website where it could be accessed by you. Again, I will not pocket any of your donated money for my personal gain. I will reinvest your money back into the website.


The cost to host the website with Dreamhost is $11 a month or $132 per year. It’s not a lot, but when piled on top of the rest of life’s bills it can sometimes feel like a burden. If you feel moved to donate your hard earned money, hopefully I have given you peace of mind about how it will be handled. If AWKMusic has been a resource and you see its value then please donate via PayPal. Thank you!