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Owner: dickalan
Website: AndrewWKMusic.com
Phone: (801) 609-8257
Email: awkmusic@gmail.com
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Andrew WK FansiteA Note From dickalan:

It is nice to virtually meet you! I go by dickalan in the Andrew W.K. World and I run the fanpage AndrewWKMusic.com. That is me right there –>
Do I look happy or what?

Do you want to know what would make me sad though? The thought of our fanpage shutting down. However, it’s because of fine folks just like you that have kept the party alive since we launched in 2009! Every month I get a bill for the cost to host this site. My personal funds often get depleted and I rely on your generosity to keep this passion project going. If you have the ability to donate then please do so via PayPal.


Still unsure? If you are hesitant I’ll shed some transparency on the operations of my website. It’s probably time for an update on that anyway.

AndrewWKMusic.com Transparency

Two years ago I shut down the website because it was sucking away too much of life’s resources, my time and money. Once my life became a little more stable I relaunched it about a year later. During that time I lost the ownership of the domain AndrewWKMusic.com. So if you have noticed for the past couple of years we have been running off of AndrewWKMusic.net. Recently the opportunity finally came to repurchase the .com. For many technical reasons I won’t go into it was important I purchase it. Which I did by settling on a price with the owner for $110 USD. So I’m happy to announce AndrewWKMusic.com is again fully functional.

In addition, the cost to host the website is $11 a month or $132 per year. Together this totals $242. So the goal I hope to reach is $242. I have never profited a single dollar from the website. However, if the situation ever came up I would treat it much like a non-profit organization. I would either prepay for future hosting costs (most likely scenario) or if a rare Andrew W.K. item became available to purchase, I would do so. Then it would be archived on the website where it could be accessed by you. Just to clarify, I will not pocket any of your donated money for my personal gain. I will reinvest your money back into the website. This is a hobby, not a business. If this helps give you peace of mind then again, please donate via PayPal. Thank you!