Oct 112017
The Party Party Party Podcast: Episode 2

The Party Party Party Podcast is a brand new podcast where friends of Andrew W.K. get together and have FUN! You are invited to our party where everything from the lighthearted to the deeper aspects of Andrew W.K.’s world are explored. While listening you will feel like you’re hanging out with some of your buddies. Like them, sometimes it’s insightful, sometimes it’s compelling, and sometimes it’s totally stupid. The party starts now! The Party Party Party Podcast: Episode 2 Zach and Richard discuss Andrew WK’s current tour, our Andrew WK “lineage” and “finding your passion”. As discussed near the end of the podcast, here is the video mentioned: www.espguitars.com/videos/2033542 Would you like to be a guest on [Read Full Post]

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Oct 052017
The Party Party Party Podcast

The Party Party Party Podcast is a brand new podcast where friends of Andrew W.K. get together and have FUN! You are invited to our party where everything from the lighthearted to the deeper aspects of Andrew W.K.’s world are explored. While listening you will feel like you’re hanging out with some of your buddies. Like them, sometimes it’s insightful, sometimes it’s compelling, and sometimes it’s totally stupid. The party starts now! The Party Party Party Podcast: Episode 1 The Party Party Party Podcast and AndrewWKMusic team up for their first collaboration and episode. Zach and Richard discuss Andrew W.K.’s current tour, “getting” Andrew W.K., the elusive definition of party, and much more. Would you [Read Full Post]

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May 102017
Andrew W.K. German Press Kit

Soon I will be posting this Andrew W.K. German Press Kit with the best translation to English as possible. Stay tuned!

Oct 112016
Andrew W.K. & The Holy Grail of Rare Music - LEAKED!

Andrew W.K. Room To Breathe Single Less than a handful of Andrew W.K. fans have heard this rare single from 1998. It has eluded even the most devoted superfans for almost 20 years. That quest is finally over. For the first time, Andrew Wilkes-Krier’s Room To Breathe is publicly available so fans can finally blast it out their speakers! All you need to do is: Go to the bottom of this full post Log in to your account OR become a member (always free) Click on the album’s name in red found below If you feel so inclined, please consider donating to our cause (click here to learn more about why the website needs your help) So [Read Full Post]

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Aug 172016
New Andrew W.K. Forum - Join Now!

Join our new Andrew W.K. forum! You can now party with like-minded Andrew W.K. fans by joining our community. You’ll dive deep as you discuss the philosophies of partying with fellow enthusiasts. Join Now! Social Networking VS Forum We are now inundated by social media platforms to choose from. Surely there’s no need to have another place to connect with like-minded fans? Wrong! Over the years I received several requests for a proper AWK forum. Twitter is an excellent place to access Andrew W.K. directly. Facebook has its benefits too. But really none of these platforms allow fans to connect with fans and have more than surface level conversations. Much like the official forum that was discontinued, you’ll be [Read Full Post]

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Apr 202016
UMPG Presents Andrew WK #3

 Yes, it’s been almost a year since I’ve updated the site. I hope people who stumble on this get a lot of value from it still. I’ll be making a few posts in the coming weeks that I think people will really enjoy. In the mean time here’s an interesting promo I found a year or so ago. It’s almost identical to the previous Universal Music Publishing promos except that artwork is different on this one. In the archive you can see these in high resolution along with high quality audio. Enjoy and stay tuned!  

May 132015
UMPG Presents Andrew WK #3 - Is On Its Way

I didn’t know this bad-boy even existed until a couple weeks ago. This is basically the third iteration of this promo. There were some differences between #1 and #2 and the track “Pushing Drugs”. This one looks to be the same as #2 but with just a different cover. When I get it, which should be sometime in the next week, I’ll let you know if it’s worth archiving. Stay tuned!  

Mar 172015

Awhile ago I asked the members of this site to donate some of their $$$ in order to keep this site going. Well I’m happy to say that we’ve met our goal and we’re all paid up for 2015. I owe everyone who donated a HUGE thanks and bear-hug. Thank you so much! Here’s some updates to look forward to: A special rip of The Wolf dual-disc DVD with perhaps the best audio you’ll ever here from the album German Press Kit scans Review of the show I just went to/my meet-and-greet experience with Andrew W.K.!

Oct 202014
MUSIC LEAK: 18 Outtakes From Andrew W.K.'s I Get Wet

All of these tracks range somewhere between the production of the 1999 recording sessions and the final release of I Get Wet (November, 2001 – UK). It’s amazing that 14 years later we’re able to gain further insights and context into the recording process of Andrew W.K.’s hit album. Listening to how these songs progressed over time is truly fascinating. Before we get started it might be beneficial if you head over to the Media Archive and see how the following four CDs fall into place with the rest of Andrew W.K. history. Been there, done that? Then read on… Track Analysis (my commentary) 2000-12-00-Andrew W.K [Demo] The only tracks I’ll be paying attention to from this [Read Full Post]

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Oct 172014

It took an enormous amount of work to transcribe and compile all of these. Thanks Dot! Click here to read the following: 10 Questions With Andrew W.K. – 92.3 Xtreme Radio Ann Arbor’s Andrew W.K. takes feel-good role at Ozzfest Playlouder.com – The Grand Old Puke of (New) York Playlouder.com – 24 Hour Party Person GSU Signal – Andrew W.K. proves himself as the rock star for the 21st Century Jessica (TinyDJ) with Andrew W K at the 9:30 Club in DC – WNRN 91.9FM The Road Ragers The Underground Newspaper – Double Issue 3/4 Pheedback Music The Chunklet Celebrity Advice Column: Ask Andrew WK! NCCU Campus Echo While You Were Sleeping: Issue 17 Flaunt [Read Full Post]

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Sep 232014
Encore! Five More of "The Wolf" Tracks Leaked

I told you the goods will keep coming in the following weeks! So today I’ve got an encore to last week’s CD that was leaked (full of The Wolf demos). I kind of cringe at the label “demos” because that’s not necessarily what these are. Really they are unfinished tracks from the recording process. But that’s kind of a convoluted headline. Anyway, here is my analysis of these tracks just as I did last week. The first track is another unused track that we’ve never heard before!!! It’s actually pretty cool. Maybe we’ll hear it fleshed out on some official release in the future? #2 Tear It Up – another version, are you kidding me?! [Read Full Post]

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Sep 182014
The Wolf Demos Have Been LEAKED!

Happy late 11th birthday to The Wolf! Released 9/9/03. This leak contains over an hour of AWK demos!  It’s an 11 year-old recording session from Andrew W.K.’s second LP, The Wolf. The “Ruffs” are dated April 23rd, 2003. That’s almost 5 months before The Wolf was released. I can’t believe we are lucky enough for stuff like this to still exist. Not only that but by a series of fortunate events I’ve recently obtained it and am now leaking it to you for your party pleasure. There’s a couple interesting things to point out in the track listing. First of all, apparently the working title for “Victory Strikes Again” AND the album was originally “Blow [Read Full Post]

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Jun 192014
Andrew W.K. - We Want Fun LP

The Unreleased Album Although not technically true, to me this is the genesis of Andrew W.K.. I don’t know how many times I’ve written about this album but based on past experience it probably won’t be the last. I suppose it’s because I’m obsessed with these tracks. I’ve put more legwork and spent more time scrapping for details about these tracks than perhaps any other piece of AWK material out there. Because of that, what once was a relatively vague piece of audio is now much more clear. But first, I’m happy to announce that I have another update to our music archive. I finally have the album properly archived and up to par with the rest of [Read Full Post]

Jun 042014
Son Nano Kankei Neh Rock - Andrew W.K.'s Super Secret Song From Japan

I’ve been trying to track down the song Son Nano Kankei Neh Rock for over 5 years. I lost track of how many hours I’ve spent on Japanese websites. And trying to use Google Translate to make sense of it all. I’ve even solicited many AWK fans who live in Japan with no avail. The problem was that: a) I didn’t live in Japan in 2008. b) I didn’t have a Japanese cell phone or a phone carrier subscription in 2008. c) I don’t speak or read a word of Japanese. All of which should have been a requirement to get this 30-second song/ringtone. However, about six months ago I made a breakthrough and found some obscure [Read Full Post]

May 092014
Welcome Back To AndrewWKMusic.com!

Hello! My name is Rich. I have been closely following Andrew W.K. and his music career for 10+ years. If you have visited other Andrew W.K. online-outlets, I’ve previously gone by the alias “dickalan”. Make sure to say “hello” in the comments of this post if we have crossed paths before! Yep, that’s me right there —> Anyway, if this is your first time visiting the website let me give you a quick introduction to what this is all about and why being “back” is a big deal. I initially launched the fanpage AndrewWKMusic around July, 2009. It was originally hosted with “Google Sites” until we outgrew it and moved to more legitimate hosting & an upgraded website. [Read Full Post]