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I want take a second to explain a few things about getting the most out of this blog and website. If you’ve already heard of RSS feeds then just disregard this and keep scrolling through the News, if you haven’t listen up cause it will make you puke! In a good way.

You know how when you get online you always check certain websites for new stuff? It probably takes you 15-20 minutes to visit them all, and then you’re bummed when you find nothing new. RSS feeds will Never Let You Down! Whenever you see one of those RSS Feed icons, click on it to get the url of the feed. Now you need a Reader. Readers let you see ANY new updates to the site and it shows ALL your feeds at once. Reducing your surf time to about 2 minutes. There are lots of Readers out there; Google Reader  (RIP) is my favorite but you can also use Inoreader, Yahoos, News Gator, Bloglines, etc. Once you’ve signed up plug the URL into the Reader and you’re ready to Party Hard! So click the feed icon to start following this blog. If this doesn’t appeal to you, you can always subscribe via Email as well.