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Hang out with yourself and have a crazy party! The new year will bring 4 new reasons to be excited. At least for AWK fans around the world. Two interviews at Kiwibox and Detnews clarified some disputes between underground AWK fans. The interviews revealed that sometime in February 2010 Close Calls With Brick Walls (AWKs 3rd studio album) will be re-released world wide. Previously the album has only been available in Japan with a bonus DVD, Korea with 4 bonus songs, and the U.S. (vinyl only) with 4 bonus songs. The world wide release will include ALL bonus songs previously released on CD, plus a bonus disc entitled Mothers of Mankind. Full with rare and unreleased tracks. We’re counting down until 2/1/10!

Following this release Andrew has said he is working on Young Lord and The Carrier. Ambiguity still surrounds these albums but Andrew has mentioned he is working on a psychedelic synthesizer and a new Rock n Roll album. Whether or not those genres fit those two releases is still up in the air.

And the 4th reason to celebrate is the expected tour with a full backed band. Something that hasn’t happened since 2004, with some exceptions in 2005.

If that sounds like he has a lot of work cut out for him let’s recap what he has accomplished in just over a year. The release of 3 full length albums, 2 splits, 2 singles, 2 produced albums, a number of appearances on tracks by other artists, 1 new TV show in its second season, and a TON of video/radio interviews. Whoa!