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Be the “Fan-Cam Operator” in your city! If you think I look totally awesome, you can look totally awesome too. I will mail you this gear, you GoPro video the Andrew W.K. show, you mail the gear to the next party animal. Simple, yet still party.

Details and signup are in our discord chatroom.

DISCLAIMER: Despite how official I look this is not official in any way, shape, or form. We are a group of dopey fans looking to have a good time. We hope you join in on the good times too!

UPDATE: 5/4/18


DEADLINES: Saturday, May 5, 2018

The first opportunity for a videographer to film will be May 9th. In order to have everything prepared by then, the goal of 10 volunteers need to be signed up & all equipment needs to be purchased by THIS SATURDAY! 5/5/18 (get it? 55)

[X] – Project outlined. Gotta start somewhere! The idea & ambition is half the battle!
[X] – 10 people sign-up for filming the show. As of 5/1/18 there are 6 out 10 people that have signed up.
[X] – Videographers contact the venue they plan to video at to see if venue charges extra to record audio and/or video. They will indicate their findings on the Google document.
[X] – Schedule (based on Google Doc) will be sent to Andrew and touring manager so they can notify venues to allow us any permissions needed to video.
[X] – Videographers and supporters who want to contribute $ will choose which camera and harness from the list (Use Google Doc).
[X] – Crowdfunding begins using a transparent service/or person that everyone is comfortable with.
[X] – Once the monetary goal has been met, equipment will be purchased and shipped to the first videographer.
[X] – Videographer films concert, uploads footage, mails equipment out to next videographer.
[   ] – After tour completion one videographer or $ supporter will be chosen at random to win the equipment initially purchased by the group.

Referenced Google Doc