Sep 152010

Mr. Velocity Hopkins

Honestly, my agenda is to get content up on the site AS SOON as I get it. In other words, everything I have you have! However, there are exceptions to this when different sources dont want certain things shared then I wont post it (*sorry*), luckily that doesnt happen too often. This past summer I worked a lot and didnt get a lot of time to update the site. So Ive kinda been stockpiling some stuff and also waiting for the go-ahead on some stuff, thats the reason for these mass content updates. Its looking like I better just start throwing up stuff if I ever want to finish what Im able to share with YOU! Hence, this post.

On an unrelated note you can pretty much call this post a readytodie exclusive. Since everything came from him! Seriously thanks so much for such awesome info and content man! Hes also been updating lots of the related bands sectionso if you want some clarification on Andrews past, check it out! And if you have questions about it he is pretty much the expert on the subjectso if anybody knows, its him. You can contact him at the official forums. Some great stuff here: Mr. Velocity Hopkins s/t album. 2 rare concerts: 2006-06-01-Apple Store Shibuya, Japan & 2006-08-03-Summer Sonic 06′ Japan. The apple store is a solo show and the Summer Sonic 2006 show is from the Close Calls With Brick Walls Tour so its pretty unique! Our Concert section is now completely up to date! Pending we dont get more submissions :-)

> Look forward to an alternate version of the song Pushing Drugs, an hour+ long documentary about Andrew from 2002, the Who Knows Japanese DVD, AND the mysterious Fun Night Single exists and has been found!!, + MORE???

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 Posted by on September 15, 2010