Sep 142010

2 Concerts from Canada today; 2002-10-10-Barrymores-Ottawa,ON and 2002-10-11-The Docks-Toronto,ON.

To those that might be thinking is this 2 weeks of stuff only going to be old crappy concerts and old obscure releases of bands he was in? you would be wrong. We have a few special surprises up our sleeves. Also its looking like the content is going to last past the 2 week threshold. Prepare yourself for never released content! and subscribe to news alerts via email or RSS!!!

Gregg Robberts

Gregg, Jimmy, Donald, Andrew, and Erik

Also an update on the AWK Band Interviews. Were 1/2 way done with Sgt. Franks interview and should be finished up sometime this week. ALSO Gregg Roberts will be interviewed Thursday night. So get your questions in to him before then, email them to me at

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