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OK PEOPLE! Let’s get this party started!!! Andrew W.K.’s 2012 world tour has already been kicked off March 3rd in Portland, Oregon. What are we waiting for? This is our time and this is the place for fans to come together and share/archive photos, bootleg sound recordings, videos, experiences, and show reviews. Discuss all these things in this forum thread. Upload your media content here. Check out all the upcoming dates here. Buy the official T Shirt here.

I will be traveling over 600 miles from Idaho to Colorado for a single night of AWK FUN. I’m planning to video  my experience in a mini documentary.  You can plan on that being uploaded and posted to this website shortly after March 20th. Also, be excited for a full bootlegged video of that show.

I snagged this set list photo from @ZanzWorld on twitter. Whoa! A 20 song set list! This exceeds my expectations. I AM PERSONALLY SO EXCITED FOR THIS! I think it’s really cool that they’re playing the entire I Get Wet album in order. It’s even more incredible we get four songs from The Wolf, two songs from Close Calls With Brick Walls and one song from the new EP! Personally I’m most excited for “Totally Stupid”.

Party Hard