Dec 152010

Less clutter and more content! was the goal of our renovation. Though it may look like theres less stuff around, theres actually more features and content than EVER! Youll notice the top navigation bar has been heavily condensed. Its also been made easier to navigate the site, allowing you to know what section youre actually viewing (blog, archives, tools, etc.). Also, many of the side-bars were removed and placed in the main navigation bar to remove the clutter it was creating.

Weve removed the traditional forums and replaced it with a community that acts more like a social-network. This approach is more integrated within the site itself and will allow a site-wide login, a personal profile and you will get exclusive access to all the areas of the site (except the store). This helps the site have a more consistent feel.

You must register to get access to the full site!

With your new membership you can add to the Media Archives in a more personal way by sharing your photos in our NEW Photo section.

Probably the most noticeably overhauled section is our Shop. There youll find custom Andrew WK merch you can purchase. In turn this enables us to re-invest in purchasing MORE rare AWK content and adding it to the Media Archives section, which is free! The fully functioning store is now in-house and includes a shopping-cart and a secure checkout process. Due to the sensitive data entered while making online purchases you must also create an account at our shop, separate from your personal membership account.

 Posted by on December 15, 2010