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The Fun Night [Single] is such a rare/unknown about release that it was once thought that it didnt even exist. Speculation and rumors came from the unique track FreeJumps (The Wolf Pre-Mix) thats been passed around for many years now. Which is neither the version off The Wolf nor from the We Want Fun Demo albums. So where did it come from? Since I got it in the mail two days ago I can tell you! Now, I havent confirmed anything from, so the following is just deductive reasoning.

I bought it from a seller in the UK, the Mercury Records stamp obviously tells us that this was released in the UK as well. Also, this technically doesnt really appear to be a Single, by the lettering For Promotional Use Only Not For Resale its safe to say that this is actually a Promo. I know Wikipedia says its from 2002, but Im sorry I just cant agree with that either. I Get Wet was released November of 2001 in the UK. The track Girls Own Juice on this release is NOT the AWKGOJ version, someone goofed. Its really Girls Own Love from the album I Get Wet. So its not very logical that someone could of messed up the track name AFTER I Get Wet became such a smash in Britainyou would think someone would of been paying closer attention. It is a lot more logical that something like this could of happened just after Andrew was signed to Island and AFTER he left Bulb (whoever messed up obviously knew about the AWKGOJ version) but BEFORE he was relatively known about. So Im saying this came out sometime before I Get Wet, in 2001.

The track FreeJumps is definitely recorded from the I Get Wet era, making it far earlier than The Wolf recordings. So really this would be better labeled a B-side to I Get Wet (along with Violent Life) rather than the confusing title The Wolf Pre-Mix. Ive heard about one other copy of this another fan has, his is the exact same as mine. Which means that a Single of Fun Night has never really been confirmed to exist anywhere (unless they were speaking about this release). However, that doesnt mean that it absolutely doesnt exist. Hence the reasoning Ive kind of left the title opened ended.

Many of you probably already have the exclusive track of FreeJumps off this release, but the download includes hi-res pictures and hi-quality rips of each of the tracks. There are 3 known about versions of Free Jumps, here is where they appear:

  1. Free Jumps off We Want Fun Demo
  2. FreeJumps off Fun Night Promo
  3. Free Jumps off The Wolf album
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