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Welcome to our very special Warped Tour post! I don’t know how many of our readers have ever been to an Andrew W.K. concert, but it’s unlike any event you’ll ever experience. Don’t take our word for it listen to what fans thought of the Richards on Richards concert back in 2002!

If you live in the US there is a good chance Andrew W.K. will be coming to YOUR home town (you can buy tickets now!). But don’t worry if you don’t live there. Because Andrew W.K. has just stated in a recent interview that he’s trying to put out a NEW rock n roll CD this year, with a subsequent world wide tour!

June 24th will kick off Warped Tour 2010 in San Diego, CA. Since 2004 most Americans have not seen Andrew W.K. with a full backed band. As the anticipation rises we can prepare for our hero to take the stage by getting our muscles loose, getting wet, buying the 1st exclusive AWK warped tour 2010 t shirt, and downloading a TON of free concerts! Cause it’s Music Or Die!!!

1) Buy the first Andrew W.K. 2010 Warped Tour T Shirt:



(The cheaper version DOES NOT have the tour dates on the backside-just the front picture)

2) Download a TON of concerts on our Concert Page

We thank Sonicice (a member of the official forums) for having these concerts backed up and contributing them (and awkshare.com originally) so YOU can bang your head to these newly added FULL concerts:

  1. Shibuya Club Quattro Breakingdoors-Tokyo Japan 5-16-02
  2. OzzFest-Clarkson, MI 8-8-02
  3. Richards on Richards-Vancouver, BC 10-6-02
  4. Club Phoenix-London, ON 10-08-02
  5. Clutch Cargos-Pontiac,MI 10-24-02
  6. The Masquerade-Atlanta 1-18-03
  7. Japan Wolf Tour-Zepp, Tokyo 12-13-03
  8. Zydeco-Birmingham, Alabama 5-31-04
  9. 1st Day of School Party at USC-Los Angeles, CA 2004

My personal favorite concerts out of the 19 we have up is the Club Quattro series, from Japan. They were originally bootlegs that were sold titled Hey You Let’s Party and Breaking Doors. The sound is AWESOME, the fans are LOUD, and the energy is UNDENIABLE. Here’s what those two album covers look like.


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