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So those that are unaccustomed with 4chan (like myself) Ive put this excerpt of the chat together so you can easily see what went down. You can find the original here, here, and here.  Enjoy! Oh and

Example: Andrew W.K. is in the quotes.

I Hate Music !iO2WczwrpU 02/13/11(Sun)19:42 No.15552654
What brand of white shirts do you endorse?
The brand of t-shirt Ive been wearing for years is Fruit of The Loom.
Anonymous 02/13/11(Sun)19:42 No.15552653
Are you straight edge Andrew W.K.???
I have never considered myself straight edge. I have enjoyed alcohol and certain drugs. I never drank or did drugs until I was 21, but not for any particular reason. It just happened that way.
Emprah !hxQA7yTWjs 02/13/11(Sun)19:51 No.15552987
File1297644680.jpg-(72 KB, 500375, 1297396164685.jpg)
Andrew, what is your stance on piracy in the music industry, how do you feel about your albums in particular being pirated
When it comes to downloading music without paying for it, I understand peoples concerns, but its been hard for to ever really feel upset personally. I think of downloading kind of like the radio. All I want is for people to listen to what Im putting out there. Everything else will take care of itself.
Anonymous 02/13/11(Sun)19:54 No.15553146
this is so fail
Anonymous 02/13/11(Sun)19:53 No.15553091
File1297644800.jpg-(14 KB, 252279, 1293705874406.jpg)
Say Andrew. Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?
Of course I like Huey Lewis and The News and Im very impressed with my new business card. Its on an eggshell linen cardstock.
Anonymous 02/13/11(Sun)19:57 No.15553274
File1297645055.jpg-(53 KB, 641701, #SituationNation.jpg)
I have seen JERSEY SHORE and I enjoyed it. I liked the DTF vibe.
Quill !!uYEqP0oH488 02/13/11(Sun)19:58 No.15553324
Dear Andrew
Who was the most badass president
Van Buren.
Anonymous 02/13/11(Sun)19:34 No.15552397
Is your crazy persona just a celebrity shell and youre actually just a regular guy? If so, does it ever get old?
Im not a regular guy. Im Andrew W.K.
Anonymous 02/13/11(Sun)19:50 No.15552959
File1297644638.jpg-(34 KB, 250250, 1279095329764.jpg)
Be honest Andrew W.K., have you ever pirated a song? And what was it?
I used Napster and Limewire a lot when they first came out. I loved that I could think of any song and then get it. Then I used iTunes from time to time, but over the years Ive been downloading less and buying more CDs, which I didnt expect would happen. I guess the reason I prefer CDs is that almost anywhere I go in the world, whether in a car, or in some office building or someones house, I can most likely find a CD player, and thats all I care about being able to hear music where I am.
Anonymous 02/13/11(Sun)19:48 No.15552835
hey andrew, how do you stay so positive? a lot of people here resent you attitude, can you please respond to negativity with a three page answer about how to better your life?
I think staying positive all the time is kind of un-fun. Life has all kinds of feelings to offer and Id like to experience as much as possible. One of the reasons I like 4chan is because its not all positive. I love negativity very much and every feeling between happy and sad.
Overall, the experience of being alive is inherently positive, and within that why not enjoy your emotions just remember that at the end of the day, everything about existence is completely absurd. But of course 99.9999% of 4chan users already understand this essential truth.
annasophia !Robb/zxvrg 02/13/11(Sun)20:02 No.15553471
File1297645368.jpg-(318 KB, 10201359, ayesar22.jpg)
Unlikely this will be answered, but what is your favorite Boredoms album? I think I remember reading somewhere you were one of the drummers for the 77 Boadrum performance.
My two favorite Boredoms albums are WOW 2 and Pop Tatari. But even more than those, I like Hanatarashi albums by Eye solo.
Anonymous 02/13/11(Sun)20:14 No.15553803
Andrew is there anything that you dont like?
The only things I dont like are things that arent intense.
Anonymous 02/13/11(Sun)19:53 No.15553117
Would you work with Lil B the Based God?
Yes! I would love to work with Lil B. Ive been in touch with him on the computer and hes been really, really nice. I just included him in a feature I did in FRONT magazine in the UK hes one of my favorite new musicians. Lil B also played his first New York City show at the venue I co-own, Santos Party House. Lil B is the Based God.
Crydamoure 02/13/11(Sun)20:34 No.15553953
How do you feel knowing you partied so hard, you crashed 4chan?
Crashing 4chan because we partied so hard t is truly one of the most awesome things Ive ever been a part of.
Anonymous 02/13/11(Sun)20:37 No.15553999
Have you heard Odd Future Wolf Gang?
Would you consider collaborating with them?
Odd Future is awesome. Im hosting a Santos Party House concert with Thrasher Magazine in Austin, Texas for South by South West.
And Odd Future are playing. So is Pentagram. But its a secret so dont tell anyone else.
Anonymous 02/13/11(Sun)20:42 No.15554165
Do you enjoy listening to your own music, Andrew?
I enjoy playing my own music live, and I enjoy listening to my songs as Im recording them. As youre aware, a lot of times when youre recording or writing a song, you end up listening to the same thing over and over and over. As far as listening to it after the recording is done, it all depends. Its always a strange experience.
Andrew W.K. ## PARTY HARD 02/13/11(Sun)20:53 No.15554476
File1297648386.gif-(391 KB, 320240, 4AS[1].gif)
I want to say THANK YOU so much to everybody here, and I mean EVERYBODY for dealing with me and making this so amazing. 4chan is one of the most awesome, intense, and party things ever and its been a genuine honor to do this chat today. Im sitting here across from moot and I must commend him for creating this amazing place. But its everyone here who really makes it SWAG.
P.S. Someone requested a picture with a shoe on my head, so there you go.
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