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The time has come.

With collaboration from Holly of the legendary fan-site Dontstopthenoise.com were now working on the IIIrd non-profit fan-made-tribute-CD!!!!!! The concept is simple, we need fans to submit their tracks! You can NOW upload your work using the uploader tool here or you can submit tracks to awkmusic@gmail.com. Remember to include your name with the track title so you can get credit on the CD!

Rules? There are no rules for submission! If you haven’t already listened to the first two albums; When In Doubt, Wolf It Out and When In Doubt, Wolf It Out II check them out for some inspiration. You’ll notice the various types of tracks include:

  1. Fan-made AWK cover songs
  2. Fan-made remixes of AWK songs
  3. Original songs from fans that fall under the Party Rock genre

However, we are encouraging everyone to branch out a little and try some of the newer songs that have been released since I Get Wet. It’ll get boring if we have ten different versions of Party Hard, ya know?! Check out the Discography or B-Sides page for more ideas.

While the track list is being built well be compiling and finalizing a CD version for all to download freely. Then, visitors will be able to vote on their favorite song that PARTIED the most and one lucky winner will win a prize pack from AndrewWKMusic.com! Not to mention YOUR WORK will surely be heard by AWK himself and thousands of fans! Why are we doing this? FOR FUN!

(Thanks to Nick Sheehan for the cover art)