May 092011



RELEASED: 5/9/11

I’m thrilled to be releasing the third fan-tribute album on this very special day, Andrew W.K.’s Birthday! Thank you to Andrew W.K. for giving us the gift of his music for over a decade. Now, this album is a gift to him from his friends, his fans. Happy Birthday Andrew!

My expectations for this album have really been blown away. I’m so impressed by the talent of the artists, the diversity of song choice and the wide range of styling each artist added to the album. I’m confident in saying that as most listen to these songs, they’ll quickly hear the strongest tribute album to date. Thank you to the contributing artists who made this all possible. After you listen to each track, please vote on your favorite song (to the left) so the winner can get their claimed prize pack from

The above download includes a FREE! digital album containing 19 amazing tracks, a .pdf booklet of artwork and additional album info in a .txt file. Please leave your comments below. Here is the final track listing.

1. This Is Andrew W.K. – Alexx T
2. We Want Fun – Brian Fukushima
3. Just Do It – Wojtek Matusiak
4. Kicks & Bricks – Awesometalation
5. Pursuit of Partyness – Big Basement Audio
6. I Came For You – Jake Waters
7. She Is Beautiful –  freddey
8. Ready To Die – Emphemetry
9. Dance Party – Robin “Peace Aiwa” Brunelle
10. Party Til’ You Die – JOSHANDLEVI
11. I Love Music – The Golden Eyed Dogs
12. Party Hard – Within Our Gates
13. She Is Beautiful – Liam D Ellison
14. Coming Bad – GOJOE
15. Moonlight Partystorm – J.R. Lewis
16. I Love Party Music – dickalan
17. Long Live The Party – Mike Harvey
18. Never Let Down – Good Manor
19. Party Hard – Emphemetry
Bold are original tracks