Oct 022010

This confusing release *I think has been clarified finally, but only because AmigoWK was awesome enough to rip a copy of this bad boy. Thanks! Its now been archived!. I know we had it up before but those tracks that were floating around were not actually ripped from the genuine CDthis is genuine and also high quality rips (everything on this site now is genuine, and not a mix match of rips from different rips). There are a number of things to clarify with the We Want Fun release. There are 3 different versions of this Single and/or Promo to the best of my knowledge out there.

  1. We Want Fun [German Single] Archived
  2. We Want Fun [US Promo] Archived
  3. We Want Fun [UK Promo] Not Archived Submit to: dickalan@andrewwkmusic.com (see discogs page)

The track listing for the German single is as follows:

  1. We Want Fun Album Version (Clean) 3:58
  2. We Want Fun Promo Edit 3:15
  3. A.W.K. UK Bonus Track 2:27

Pay attention to track number one, it says Album Version (Clean) this is NOT referring to an Andrew W.K. album, since this specific version of the song was never released on any Andrew W.K. albums. Its referring to the album Jackass The Movie: The Official Soundtrack (see discogs page). Whats ironic about this American song is that the German version is the only real Single version there is. Both the UK and US versions are only Promos and only have the 3:15 track of We Want Fun Promo Edit on them. Hope youre not more confused now then you were before

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