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Exclusive Releases From Andrew WK Music.Com

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“Andrew WK We Got A Groove” is BY FAR the top search in Google that leads You to us.  We’ve heard your call and so we are answering!

First thing I should do is apologize for the quality of the We Got A Groove track. Its source was not necessarily from an AWK fan, so let’s just say he was doing a BIG favor for us in the first place. Since beggars can’t be choosers this should at least get you through till next month when the track appears crystal clear on Mother of Mankind. Ironically Side B (Prophetic Visions Of The Coming End Times by The Riverboat Gamblers) is great quality and a great song! So for everyone that can’t wait till next month, ask yourself do I got the groove? We Got A Groove [Split].


The Party Til You Puke EP is incredible. So we’re retiring the old AWKShare.com rips with NEW and IMPROVED high quality rips of the vinyl. You should all thank AmigoWK for this incredible rip. The difference between the two will become most obvious on the track I Want To Kill. It’s no longer in mono but in stereo! All this time you were listening to it in mono, ha! Plus, the whole album is in 320kbps!!!

Upon partying then puking to the vinyl of Party Til You Puke you’ll notice some of the tracks are a little bit different than the CD version. They’re basically chopped down in order for it to fit onto the vinyl. Hence the importance for collectors to have this digitally. We hope you enjoy these alternate versions! Party Til You Puke [EP] (Vinyl)