Feb 052010

This song originally premiered on April 6, 2006 on a radio program called Jonesys Jukebox. The shows is based in L.A. and is hosted by Steve Jones, the guitar player for the Sex Pistols. The interview lasted 50 minutes and the song played 19 minutes into it. Andrew mentioned it was going to be on Close Calls, but it obviously was not put on the album. Also he said that this version was not finished and there would be more versions to follow. This show is archived on our interview page. The art work above was created by ME and this track was chosen to be placed on the bootleg demo of Close Calls With Brick Walls. Here is that track: Vagabond (Radio)

Universal Music Publishing Group put out a promo for Close Calls With Brick Walls. Thanks to Readytodie over at awkmedia.net (another great AWK resource) we have this track. Its actually the same as the one above (maybe slight differences??) but the sound quality is a bit better. Here is that track: Vagabond

Interestingly enough a NEW version of Vagabond also premiered on radio show called East Village Radio. It was ripped by the admin member here, Lex Leningrad Thanks Lex! This radio show lasted one hour and twenty minutes, and the songs starts about 15 minutes into it. This NEW version is most likely the same one that will appear on Mother of Mankind March 9th. Here is that track Vagabond

Vagabond will be released as a single on a 7 squared vinyl February 13, 2010. Well see if its the same or an alternate version February 13th!

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