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Andrew W.K. 10 Year I Get Wet Tour!

If you have been living under a rock then you haven’t heard that Andrew W.K. is going on tour! This year “I Get Wet” turns 10 years old and to celebrate, the full AWK band will be performing every song on I Get Wet from start to finish. Check out if he’s coming to your town here (UK and US venues!). Give me the heads up if you’re reading this and going to the Denver show on March 20th (awkmusic@gmail.com). It would be cool to meet up with you!

New Forum

I’ve personally lost some steam for this site due to the breaking and decommissioning of the official forums. This has shown me just how important communicating and networking with you (the fan) really is. Yes, there are official Twitter, Facebook and Fancorps pages but an official forum had the dynamics of a community those social networks have never been able to imitate. Perhaps I’m just too old fashioned. There are rumors of a NEW official forum in the works but until that time comes we’ll just have to make due. So… I’ve come up with a temporary / permanent (?) solution: AndrewWKMusic.com/Community. Our forum is up and running, register now!

Chat Room

You might have noticed under the “Community” tab there is a new Chat Room. If there is nobody in the room to chat with it’s because you haven’t set up a time to do so. Schedule a time to chat in this thread of the forums.


The discography page has been updated again due to some trusted correspondence and info I’ve received. This page is a work-in-progress and I’m continually hammering it out so it can be as accurate as possible. I’m confident in saying it’s the most comprehensive Andrew W.K. discography ever compiled, so be sure to check it out.


We met 50% of our goal the last time we promoted donations to this site two months ago. Thank you! Thank you for your support, enthusiasm and loyalty. Please continue to help us reach 100% of our goal by donating to AndreWKMusic.com via Paypal.


1996 – The Hercules – S/T

Around 2005 a download on AWKShare.com was posted for “The Hercules”, a  previous band Andrew W.K. was once in (on drums). Ever since that time the download has been misleading people. Only the first track was actually “The Hercules” and the rest were taken from a cassette called “Galen Via Hercules” a completely different band (although similar). Hanson Records recently came out with a flashback series of previously released cassettes. Once and for all here it is: 1996-The Hercules.

1997 – Isis and Werewolves – The Hidden People

This cassette was recently posted on Ebay for around $200! Another reason to be thankful to the Hanson Records flashback series, we can finally listen to 1997-The Hidden People [2011 Reissue]. Andrew W.K. also played in this band.

2006-The Beast People – S/T 10″

Remember our interview with Andrew W.K. where he spoke about The Beast People “opera” that he and Aaron Dilloway worked on? Well here it is:  2006-The Beast People ST [Single Sided 10-Inch]

Like It’s Her Birthday by Good Charlotte – Remixed by Andrew W.K.

Get the Straight Remix here and the Extended Club Mix here.

My Town by Hollywood Undead – Remixed by Andrew W.K.

Get the remix here and get the Sniffles Club Remix here.

Earthquakey People by Steve Aoki ft. Rivers Cuomo – Remixed by Andrew W.K.

Get Earthquakey People Trash Remix here.

The Party All Goddamn Night EP

This was a cool find I came across the other day. Did you know that you can buy the new EP “Party all Goddamn Night” from the official store for only $10.99? Almost everywhere I’ve looked you either have to import this from Japan for like $35 or buy it off Ebay for $25. So this is a steal!

My Time – E-Single

Andrew has been busy creating NEW music and collaborating with many other artists. The latest is “My Time”  which was created for the World Snowboarding Championships. Supposedly you’re going to be able to remix it to compete for a prize. Here is the raw .wav file for remixing purposes and here is just the regular MP3. You can read more info about it here, here, here.

Go Go Go Go – E-Single

This single was also created for the World Snowboarding Championships. Get the song, get the video, get the lyrics. Watch the video:

I Hate Being Late (When I’m Early)

Andrew W.K. also recently collaborated with The Evaporators in “I Hate Being Late (When I’m Early)”. Download the video here. Watch it here:



Andrew W.K. On SNL – 4-13-2002 – Party Hard & I Get Wet

I’ve seen various versions and qualities of this video around, however the quality is usually horrible, especially the I Get Wet segment. Also, the clips usually gets cut short. So we got a new master of both segments and none seem to rival the quality found here.


Last Call With Carson Daly – 4-27-02 – I Love NYC & Party Hard

With all my searching high and low on the internet I don’t think I’ve seen this anywhere else. So I guess you can consider this an exclusive to the site! Download it here and watch it here:


MTV Making The Video: We Want Fun

This video premiered September 22, 2002. I was sitting in my parents basement as a senior in high school when this episode came on. It was the first time I had ever heard of the name “Andrew W.K.”. I instantly became a fan. So this video has a particularly special place in my heart. What a great way to be introduced to the man! To this day this is is still one of my favorite segments. I’m happy to share it now:

Hanson Records Vimeo Videos

Hanson Records has created a Vimeo account which includes some videos of very early Andrew Wilkes-Krier stuff. It’s so great that they’re digitizing it!


You haven’t forgot about the interviews that AndrewWKMusic.com conducted with Andrew W.K. have you? Read them here if you haven’t already done so: Party 1Party 2Party 3Party 4. Peter Larson, the owner of Bulb Records and Andrew W.K.’s manager for a time, was kind enough to chime-in with some commentary on those interviews. The result is some pretty cool insights and details on the early days of AWK’s carrier. Thank you Peter! Here are some of the main points discussed.

“Girls Own Juice” is the official title of Andrew’s first EP and not “AWKGOJ”. It first appeared in 1999 but the reason it says 2000 on the album is because it would have come out very late in 1999, so it made sense to just say 2000. The vinyl for Party Til You Puke (Andrew W.K.’s second EP) came out in 2000.  However, the CD version (an export to Japan) came out in early 2002 but they just left the date on the CD as 2000 as well. The reason the dates are a little off was due to the fact that Andrew had signed with Island just after “Girls Own Juice” appeared and it was unsure as to what the legalities were. Andrew and Peter had their own agreement before Island Records.

Peter Larson:

There was a third CD that was supposed to come out on Bulb, though it never materialized. This was the supposed “We Want Fun” album. Andrew was busy with Island at that point and had little interest in doing the CD. In retrospect though, it would have been cool to put out something really bizarre and un-”Girls Own Juice” or PTYP-like on vinyl in a limited format and leave out there in the world. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen.

In our interview Andrew W.K. states:

I’m glad that album didn’t come out at that time, I was really relieved that it didn’t. I wouldn’t be opposed to putting it out now, it’s not that I didn’t want people to hear it. It has things about it that I really like in many, many, many ways but back then as far as a first full-length album I’m glad we did I Get Wet.

Peter Larson:

He is referring to the 3rd record he was going to do for me here. I’m also glad this didn’t come out, as great of a record as it was. It wouldn’t have made any sense at all for it to come out between Girls Own Juice/PTYP and I Get Wet.

Andrew W.K.:

I painted it the way as it appears on the back cover, which is of a very beautiful girl’s face. She’s wearing sunglasses and she has a band-aid on her face with little hearts on it. Then I actually painted over that same painting and turned her face into half-of-a-skull-face with a really bad bloody nose, blood all over the place, and one of her eye balls was popping out. The glasses were shattered, the band-aid that had once been on her cheek was now wrapped around her glasses trying to hold them together. I still have very good quality photos of it. So that was going to be the front cover of the album and the back cover was going to be the bloody version. I actually cut that painting off of its canvas and frame and give it to Pete Larson, so I just pray that he still has it. I use to give away all my paintings and all my artwork to my friends, I hope they still have them. I gave away some really good paintings and some really cool clothes that I made and painted too.

Peter Larson:

I have this painting in my garage. My friend Justin has the painting that appeared on Girls Own Juice.

Andrew W.K.:

I remember that they were all going to be recalled because the whole album cover was going to be changed to be “Steev Mike” and say “Steev Mike – Party Til You Puke”.

Peter Larson:

I want to say that we did, in fact, make a run of Steev Mike covers and had to destroy them, though I may be confused with a Quintron record that went through the same thing. I do have Photoshop files of the Steev Mike artwork. I’ll have to look around for the covers. My memory may be failing here.

I do remember being part of the group that was trying to talk him out of the Steev Mike thing. It was a good idea, but he’d already made so much traction as AWK that it would have been stupid to change at that point.

…He is incorrect in saying that there were no posters or promo for Girls Own Juice. There was, he was just so unknown at the time that many paid it little attention. By the time PTYP came out, he had gotten a substantial amount of attention from radio and from media along the east coast.

I have a stack of Girls Own Juice posters that we had made in my basement and the promo pictures that we had made for the release. There were also a number of ads in magazines at the time. Like I said, he was completely unknown when that came out.