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We’ve tried to get these as close to a physical copy as possible, but in a digital format. All are ripped from the ACTUAL CDs (no copying & pasting from other albums) in the highest bit-rate possible (320kbps). It includes high quality scans of each page of artwork AND includes the lyrics to each song. You wanted FUN and we provided it. Some interesting facts you might like to know about these releases include:

  • The She Is Beautiful UK Single includes the song We Want Fun AWKGOJ version.
  • The She Is Beautiful US Single has ANOTHER version (not here, yet) given out to US radio stations. Unlike the version here it was not for sale but a promo only. It has a black cover with just the lettering She Is Beautiful, Andrew W.K..
  • The Specialty Radio Sampler is just what it sounds like, it’s a promo given out to radio stations. This was released before the album The Wolf
  • The Tear It Up Single has a bonus DVD that came with it. It’s on this site!! Get it here!! The version of Tear It Up on this single is exclusive to this CD! The intro is just cut off in the beginning. It was also released just before The Wolf.