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On Friday, I ordered four releases by Andrew W.K. simultaneously, breaking my former record of Most Andrew W.K. Titles Ordered Simultaneously which stood strong at three. And though I did just want to gloat about my new personal best, I realized I could do so while reminding everyone about these (mostly) upcoming Andrew W.K. releases!

The Journal of Popular Noise (released)

Issues 13-15 (ft. AWK). AWK appeared on this spoken word zine last spring/summer, but it went under the radar. I’ll have my vinyl rips up for you when it arrives, but if you want to order, it was $18 with shipping to N. America.

Kiba (Releases Jan. 27)

I’d be content to pay ~$24 for a super rare Andrew W.K. sticker, so receiving the Kiba single and bonus DVD content from Andrew & Marty will be a blast!

I’m A Vagabond (releases Feb. 14)

There are too many reasons to buy this one! Not only is it limited to 500 copies, but it will be on a square 7! When I first saw the art for this single, I laughed, but when a friend mentioned that AWK was wearing colored contacts, I got real scared. I looked again, and it appears my friend was right. Why is Andrew wearing colored contacts? Why are these songs published on BSM records and not Steev Mike since two tracks will be on Mother of Mankind? This release looks to be a vital clue in the mystery of crediting Steev Mike on AWK releases.

Close Calls With Brick Walls/Mother of Mankind (Releases Feb. 23)

Available around the world from various retailers, but Amazon is now selling pre-orders for $16.99. I was lucky and snagged my pre-order for $14.99. I almost didn’t order this release because I’ve already purchased CCWBW twice (Japanese CD w/ DVD & American vinyl), but I wouldn’t have been able to break my AWK buying record without CCWBW/MoM. [Wait, maybe I should count my record at five instead of four due to the double release!?]

January is almost over and Kiba is almost here! Soon after, I’m a Vagabond will be released, and before we know it, well be able to have Close Calls With Brick Walls & Mother of Mankind blasting through our stereos. Prepare to party, pre-order what you want before it’s too late! And until then, party hard anyway!

Don’t ever stop the noise,