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Our list of tracks is growing longer and longer thanks to some AWESOME submissions! For example check out this cover of

Ready To Die preview by Emphemetry

Only 7 more days until the cutoff date. Hurry and submit your tracks using the uploader. We’re still awaiting some promised submissions of Violent Life, Kicks and Bricks and an unspecified piano instrumental. I can’t wait for everybody to hear these tracks in full, they’re awesome! I’m so impressed with the talent. Check out the tracklisting so far.

  1. This Is Andrew W.K. – Alexx T
  2. I Came For You – Jake Waters
  3. She Is Beautiful –  freddey
  4. Pursuit of Partyness – Michael Ripka
  5. Long Live The Party – Mike Harvey
  6. We Want Fun – Brian Fukushima
  7. Coming Bad – GOJOE
  8. Ready To Die –  Emphemetry
  9. Dancy Party – Robin Brunelle
  10. I Love Party Music – dickalan
  11. Party Hard –  Emphemetry

and coming soon…

  1. Kicks and Bricks
  2. Violent Life
  3. Piano instrumental