Oct 112017

The Party Party Party Podcast is a brand new podcast where friends of Andrew W.K. get together and have FUN! You are invited to our party where everything from the lighthearted to the deeper aspects of Andrew W.K.’s world are explored. While listening you will feel like you’re hanging out with some of your buddies. Like them, sometimes it’s insightful, sometimes it’s compelling, and sometimes it’s totally stupid. The party starts now!

The Party Party Party Podcast: Episode 2

Zach and Richard discuss Andrew WK’s current tour, our Andrew WK “lineage” and “finding your passion”.

As discussed near the end of the podcast, here is the video mentioned: www.espguitars.com/videos/2033542

Would you like to be a guest on the next show? Are there topics you would like to hear us discuss? Do you have suggestions on how we can improve? Then please email us at: partypartypartypodcast@gmail.com.

 Posted by on October 11, 2017

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