Sep 202010

Were seriously super grateful for the time Sgt. Frank (guitar player for the A.W.K. Band) took to speak with, over 50 minutes! This is only Part 1 of the interview, we havent conducted Part 2 yet so there is still time to ask Sgt. Frank questions: Also, be the first to hear Part 2 by subscribing to our Email & RSS Feed subscriptions-subscribe now for news alerts!

I thought about transcribing this interview, while attempting it I realized just how long that would takeso Im taking the lazy way out. Just listen to it! Plus I dont really like reading interviews cause I feel like pieces are left out from the original conversation. Also, there really isnt any editing done, its just uncut audio. I apologize for the crappy quality audio. I had some technical difficulties during the interview, but all the kinks have been worked out and expect great audio next time around!

Enjoy this exclusive interview with Sgt. Frank from the A.W.K. Band and dickalan from!!!!!!!!!!

(Click on picture to download the mp3)

 Posted by on September 20, 2010