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We Got A Groove [Split] and Party Til You Puke Vinyl Rips coming soon!


Andrew W.K. WE WANT FUN DEMO [LP] – Super Rare Album Released!

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Because this is an exclusive release from Andrew W.K. you’ll need to signup for an account to get access to the archive.

We Want Fun Demo [LP] Download

A number of things need to be cleared up about the history and the distribution of this ambiguous album. Two things to clarify right away is one, the above album art is in no way official. It was created by ME -dickalan. And two, THIS RELEASE of the album is a NEW source of the Masters ripped at 160kbps. Well get to why that’s important later.

The History

Our sources for the history of this album mainly come from two separate places. 1) A recent interview (1/14/10) with Andrews old drummer Donald Tardy who happens to be the same Metal drummer for the band Obituary. This interview has filled in MANY missing gaps and confirmed many thoughts throughout the years! 2) An OLD Bulb Records web page that has since been dismantled but can still be accessed through Well start from the beginning but in short this is the album that led to Andrew landing an Island Records deal and putting together a backing band.

In 1999-ish Andrew W.K. created songs that eventually were released at the end of 2000 on Bulb Records. They were put out on two EPs; AWKGOJ and Party Til You Puke came out between the months of September & October. In the duration of the year 2000 Andrew also started working, creating, and recording more tracks in preparation for a full length LP release entitled We Want Fun. This was meant to be released January 2001, again on Bulb Records. This release never happened due to Andrew’s previous actions that year.

Instead of sitting on these tracks after they were recorded, he started distributing them to everyone he could. He called these 12 tracks on a CD-R his Demo. Somehow his Demo ended up in the hands and peaked the interest of Island Def Jam Records. Upon serious interest in signing Andrew, he quickly sent out his Demo again to many artists. One of which being his favorite drummer, Donald Tardy of Obituary. Donald LOVED the demo and basically put the rest of the band together for Andrew. Andrew was soon signed to Island, he had a full band, the Bulb release was canceled, and he re-recorded the We Want Fun LP. Some of the songs ended up on I Get Wet, some ended up on The Wolf and two remain exclusive to the demo.

The Distribution

For a number of years this album was passed around to hard-core underground fans. Its source was obviously copies or originals of the CD-R Andrew made and distributed personally. It finally became available to the public April 9, 2006 for a short time in an official forums thread. The link was removed shortly after by the author. It was posted by readytodie a moderator but the actual source who gave him the tracks wished to remain anonymous, and still is to this day. THAT release is what has been available on the internet in various places up until this time. Although this releases fidelity said 320kbps it obviously was not. Being much worse than even 128kbps the sound was much quieter than a normal CD and there were multiple tracks that had skipping in them. Although this was the FIRST release & the tracks were AWESOME to have, the quality was under par. THOSE tracks are available to download in the We Want Fun Demo page of this site.

The exception to this were four tracks posted at the Andrew W.K. Official Website. When navigating to the Music section, and upon listening to the Singles Tear It Up, Your Rules, She Is Beautiful, and Party Hard you’ll find that the tracks that play aren’t actually the tracks from those singles, but are the WE WANT FUN tracks. The hacked into website tracks revealed they were 128kbps in fidelity, which was the best quality available up until this time. But again, it was only four tracks and not the full album. Those four tracks have been available to download for some time on the We Want Fun Demo Page of this site.

NOW, is proud to be releasing this ultra rare album from NEW sourced Masters ripped at 160kbps. Which includes the full album in the highest quality and with no skipping, to date. They’re even better than the official website tracks!

Andrew WK Warped Tour 2010 Special

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*Special Post*

Welcome to our very special Warped Tour post! I don’t know how many of our readers have ever been to an Andrew W.K. concert, but it’s unlike any event you’ll ever experience. Don’t take our word for it listen to what fans thought of the Richards on Richards concert back in 2002!

If you live in the US there is a good chance Andrew W.K. will be coming to YOUR home town (you can buy tickets now!). But don’t worry if you don’t live there. Because Andrew W.K. has just stated in a recent interview that he’s trying to put out a NEW rock n roll CD this year, with a subsequent world wide tour!

June 24th will kick off Warped Tour 2010 in San Diego, CA. Since 2004 most Americans have not seen Andrew W.K. with a full backed band. As the anticipation rises we can prepare for our hero to take the stage by getting our muscles loose, getting wet, buying the 1st exclusive AWK warped tour 2010 t shirt, and downloading a TON of free concerts! Cause it’s Music Or Die!!!

1) Buy the first Andrew W.K. 2010 Warped Tour T Shirt:



(The cheaper version DOES NOT have the tour dates on the backside-just the front picture)

2) Download a TON of concerts on our Concert Page

We thank Sonicice (a member of the official forums) for having these concerts backed up and contributing them (and originally) so YOU can bang your head to these newly added FULL concerts:

  1. Shibuya Club Quattro Breakingdoors-Tokyo Japan 5-16-02
  2. OzzFest-Clarkson, MI 8-8-02
  3. Richards on Richards-Vancouver, BC 10-6-02
  4. Club Phoenix-London, ON 10-08-02
  5. Clutch Cargos-Pontiac,MI 10-24-02
  6. The Masquerade-Atlanta 1-18-03
  7. Japan Wolf Tour-Zepp, Tokyo 12-13-03
  8. Zydeco-Birmingham, Alabama 5-31-04
  9. 1st Day of School Party at USC-Los Angeles, CA 2004

My personal favorite concerts out of the 19 we have up is the Club Quattro series, from Japan. They were originally bootlegs that were sold titled Hey You Let’s Party and Breaking Doors. The sound is AWESOME, the fans are LOUD, and the energy is UNDENIABLE. Here’s what those two album covers look like.


Nowhere Else But Here

Exclusive Releases From Andrew WK Music.Com

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So if you were planning on buying it anyway why not get it here? You can buy Andrew WK merch in our Shop securely and easily. Our Andrew WK merchandise includes custom t shirts and a NEW AWK ONLY, Amazon store.

The big item right now everyone is waiting for is the new Close Calls With Brick Walls / Mother of Mankind CD. It’s released February 23rd but you can pre-order it now for only $14!!! So click through the images below all the way to check out! You win, we win, we all win! The same goes for the rest of the Shopping pages! Thanks for letting us make this shameless plug.

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P.S. The track that’s pretty much yet to be heard, We Got A Groove [Split] is coming soon!

Nowhere Else But Here

Exclusive Releases From Andrew WK Music.Com

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New And Important Page On Andrew W.K. Music

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Our “Questions, Answers, Facts, Help, And Become An Admin” page is newly created and can be accessed from the home page and this post. Its purpose is everything the title implies! (Also check out the new note from the creator at the home page) Thanks!

Andrew WK Appears On Simpsons 20th Anniversary-Video!

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Andrew appeared on The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special In 3-D on Ice! tonight, January 10th. We were hoping for a whole track (as in the whole Simpsons intro) of uninterrupted talking but I guess this will have to do. I think it was also expected that this collaboration was between the group People Under The Stairs and Andrew only, but they jam packed it with a whole slew of other people. What gives FOX?

AWK’s Statement Responds To Everything (Steev Mike)

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Posted on the official website Andrew W.K. said the following.

“Since 2001, I have been accused of being part of a conspiracy in which I knowingly entered into a contract with creative directors called Steev Mike, who proceeded to invent a new identity for me to perform under. I’m here to say this is simply not true and a gross exaggeration of easily explainable and common-place music industry practices. Of course I work with people who choose not to include their whole names or real names in the credits, or who aren’t on stage with me during my shows – but taking advice and guidance from other people doesn’t mean I’m a victim of mind-control. That’s like science fiction! Andrew W.K. is about partying and doing what you want! We want fun, and that really is what I am about.

These lies have unfortunately been with me since my career started – critics were saying I had to be a fake puppet for the record industry because I appeared over night. These simple untrue allegations have grown over the years to the point now where I have to defend myself. I have done many interviews and talks where I have explained the nature of how I got into music, and I admitted that I did work with people. But people have still taken what I said and tried to call me a liar and a fake. What alarms me most about these accusations is that they remind me of witch trials: The kind of people who accuse me of being a talking head for some secret conspiracy to corrupt people’s morals are the same people who claim MTV and Cartoon Network are owned by secret rulers of the world out to poison kid’s brains, or that pop stars like Beyonce or Lady Gaga are part of some occult society, or that companies like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, or Hollywood are secretly promoting hidden plans. Or that the President of the USA is just a figure head and reading a script given to him by a secret world power. Come on!

We’re working in a business where there are different ends and different means. No one controlled Frank Sinatra or told him how to sing. No secret group of managers has been telling someone like Jay-Z what to do or how to look. And no one tells me what to do, except me and the people who believe in me. I am a real person who thinks for himself and am not the victim of anyone or group of people trying to influence my career or life. I take responsibility for everything in my life, including who I work for and what happens to me because of it. Just because a person has mentors or advisers doesn’t mean they don’t have their own brain and soul. And just because I work with other people who advise me doesn’t mean that I am a puppet for an evil cult or a have some sort of master plan. I make party music – plain and simple. In fact, it is me who is the innocent victim of a conspiracy of critics and haters who don’t believe in the power of music and pure true fun. It is us artists who are the victims. It’s crazy that still today, brand new artists like Lady Gaga have already been dealing with the same sort of paranoid allegations that I’ve has been dealing with since 2001. It just doesn’t stop! We are not puppets, we are human beings.

Musicians are not acting, we are real people. We are not part of a conspiracy! It’s really intense when people are telling you who you are, so I’m going to tell them who THEY are! On behalf of all musicians, the entertainment industry, and everyone else who’s ever been falsely accused, YOU ARE NOT HURTING US AND YOU ARE NOT STOPPING THIS. The party will continue! We will endure! It has become too common for musical artists and performers to be labeled as part of some global scam to control the world, or that we’re puppets for a larger agenda designed to hurt people. That’s why I’m speaking out and loudly declaring: I am not evil and neither are any of my other fellow members of showbusiness. We are here to bring fun and light into the world, not doubt and darkness. I have been accused of having people design my image, tell me what to say in interviews, design my clothes, the way I look and talk, and of course my music. It’s true I do work with people, but not to accomplish anything bad, just the basics that any person does in this business and with this opportunity to live out my dreams.

I have always admitted that I worked with people and I have confessed that time and time again, even if the critics twisted what I said. I did this hoping it would quiet people up and put an end to all the speculation and exaggeration. I was never an actor and the partnerships I made with friends, family, and the companies I’ve worked with have all been to promote entertainment, excitement, and fun – to give people something fun to focus on and to occupy our thoughts, instead of a bunch of fear or negativity.

I will always keep my focus where it matters most:

1) On being grateful for the incredible people who believe in the feeling I work to create

2) And on that magical feeling itself: BEING ALIVE!

Long live music and long live life. PARTY HARD!”

– Andrew W.K.