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The following was written up by Brandon Mullis. Thanks Brandon!!!!


During the first 24 hours that Brandon Hendrix and I worked as videographers for Andrew W.K. in April 2002, we rolled tape on nearly every waking moment. A month later, I edited that footage into a 50-minute documentary called Meeting the Band, which told the whole story of how we went from fans in the crowd one night, to employees of the band the next. Its a rather unique tale, and I wanted to preserve it for myself and the bands benefit. As time went by, however, people began expressing interest in seeing the story unfold for themselves. So I put it on DVD, made a crappy slimline CD-style cover, and handed a few out. The reviews were surprizingly very positive, but until now, the film has never seen a decent DVD release.

When we began shooting video for the band, it was understood that the footage would end up in the bands possession, and an official DVD would be released in the near future by Island Records. After it was all over in 2003, the bands management tried striking the DVD deal several times, but every time negotiations started to get off the ground, they soon stalled. Two years later, with still only rumors of an upcoming DVD release for the band in the future, I finally decided to give all of this great footage to the fans that wanted it.

I am not doing this to make any money off of the footage I shot for Andrew W.K. and the band; this DVD represents a years worth of my lifes work, and I want to know that my contributions mattered. My aim is merely to give the fans what they have wanted for three years, and I encourage everyone to share this footage freely with each other. There are several sites out there such as that exist for this very purpose, and Andrew himself encourages the distribution of live recordings, rare tracks, and video of his work among fans as long as its not for a bootleg profit. Please get a copy of this DVD for yourself, and burn copies for everyone you know who is interested in Andrew W.K.

Featuring exclusive concert footage, backstage access, interviews, candid moments with the band, and much more, Meeting the Band is an incredible experience for the Andrew W.K. fans. I only wish that I had made all of this available much sooner! Please get one and share it freely with everyone who enjoys the music and mystique of A.W.K., and e-mail meBrandon Mullis with any questions or comments you may have. I look forward to hearing any reactions from you! You can also email for questions.


executive producer BRANDON MULLIS written by BRANDON MULLIS
directed by THE BRANDONS

About the Film

Meeting the Band was shot on Hi8 and 8mm video, and was edited before I had DV/firewire capabilities. This doesnt make for bad video quality, but its not up the standards of the rest of the discs features, or anything Ive filmed since. The reason such low-quality cameras were used is simple: we had no idea we were going to be asked by a nationally touring band to come along and film some shows for them, so I had yet to upgrade my equipment. Everything after this date, however, was shot in high-resolution MiniDV and Digital 8.

Thats not to say that the film itself suffers because of the video quality; it actually works in favor of the overall effect. It has a gritty, low-profile street feel to it as a result, and you feel like youre literally part of the action hanging out with the band in a parking lot after a show, rather than watching a slick, overproduced presentation that separates you from the action. Im proud of the film, and if I could go back and change how I shot it, I dont know that I would.

That being said, you still may not like the film, and theres nothing wrong with that. To each his own. But it is what it is a comprehensive document of 24 hours spent on the road with A.W.K. right as the ball got rolling.

Meeting the Band DVD Special Features

The movie is just one part of this disc, and to be honest with you, it might not even be the best part! I spent a full week this past August editing together a great lineup of special features for the DVD, and on this page youll find the details of every last one of them.

    • Tour Til You Puke

Probably the show-stealer of the DVD, Tour Til You Puke is a behind-the-scenes look at the I Get Wet Tour. Included are segments from several live performances, including an inside look at the Motherfucker Party (see below) and Dee Sniders Radio 104 Fest in Hartford, CT. The band meets and signs autographs for the fans at serveral venues, and our cameras follow guitarist Jimmy Coup as he gets progressively drunker and drunker in Athens, GA. On a more somber note, youll also witness I Love NYC and Andrews tribute speech live on the one-year anniversary of September 11, 2001. The topper is a 3-minute music video montage of some of the greatest moments of 2002, with both video and still shots from the entire tour.

    • I Love NYC Live at the Motherfucker Party

On May 26, 2002, Andrew W.K. performed at the Motherfucker Partys two-year anniversary at the Roxy in New York City, and youll get a fitting rendition of I Love NYC from this event in its entirety. This footage has never been seen before now!

    • Radio 104 Fest Highlights

Directly following the Motherfucker Party, Andrew W.K. went to Hartford, CT and rocked Radio 104 Fest 02 with 20,000 strong in attendance! Youll see a highlight montage of the entire intense performance, set to the song We Want Fun as well as an inside look backstage at the event!

    • Ozzfest 2002 Highlights

Much like the Radio 104 Fest highlight reel, this montage is a closeup look from the front lines of Ozzfest 2002! Youll see all of the most explosive moments from A.W.K.s all-too-brief set, edited into a music video of Its Time to Party.

This is all in addition to the 50-minute feature Meeting the Band, so in total youre getting one hour and twenty minutes of Andrew W.K. insanity on this DVD. Please burn and share it freely with other fans, and above all, pass the word along!

A Message to the Andrew W.K. Fans

If there is anyone out there who attended any of A.W.K.s live events in 2002, this disc will be especially of value to you. The dates shown in the film and the featurettes specifically are as follows:

  • April 22, 2002 Charlotte, NC (Tremont Music Hall)
  • April 23, 2002 Atlanta, GA (The Cotton Club)
  • May 26, 2002 New York, NY (The Motherfucker Party @ The Roxy)
  • May 27, 2002 Hartford, CT (Radio 104 Fest)
  • July 28, 2002 Atlanta, GA (Ozzfest @ Hifi Buys Ampitheater)
  • September 11, 2002 Athens, GA (The 40 Watt Club)
  • September 12, 2002 Columbia, SC (New Brookland Tavern)

If you were at any of these events, please get in touch with me and Ill send a disc out to you immediately. Not only are the live shows represented on the DVD, but you may very well be included in shots hanging out with the band, getting an autograph, or addressing our cameras directly. (This is especially true with the Cotton Club, Radio 104 Fest, and 40 Watt Club shows footage of those events is abundant on the DVD.)

Regardless of whether you were at any of these events or not, you will love the disc as a fan of Andrew W.K., without a doubt. I wanted to piece this project together out of my love for the music, and because I know that as a fan, I have wanted something like this to be available for a very long time I am sure you have, as well. Please contact me for your copy, and be sure to spread the word!

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