Jul 052011

Blow Your Bone

“Blow Your Bone” was the original title for the album “The Wolf”. The album name became widely known by an advertisement for a telephone company which featured not only the “Blow Your Bone” album name but also the album’s cover art (see pic below). Before Andrew W.K.’s second studio album was released its name was changed. It is only a switched title, contrary to popular belief that it contained a different track listing. However, like many studio albums there were songs that were recorded but never made it onto “The Wolf” album. Again, there is no difference between the track listings of the two different album titles.



The title “Blow Your Bone” clashed with the emotional vibe and personal feeling that came through on the album. Also, the music was too strong and dense to have the intense title of “Blow Your Bone”. Andrew wanted the title to be very different from “I Get Wet”, so it was named “The Wolf”—it had power but was also plain and boring.

While in an airport Andrew had a flashback to the “Wolf Slicer” magazine (issue of 3) he created when he first moved to NYC. The word “Wolf” from the magazine’s title popped into his head and that’s where he got the second album’s final name.


62nd Sex Change

“Visionaire No. 53: Sound” is a fashion publication and organization. He was asked to be a part of the publication, but the track had to be 60 seconds long. He likes to create sounds and sound FX but not necessarily “songs” all of the time (which comes from the previous noise bands he was in). His goal sometimes is to just take people to a different place. He wishes he would have put it on the “Mother of Mankind” album and will perhaps release it on something else in the future.

I Get Wet Documentary

A “making of” type of documentary was being filmed for the album “I Get Wet” when the camera and a bunch of video tapes were stolen.

==Previous AWK Bands==

Ancient Art of Boar / AAB

Jaime Morales came up with the band name and was in the band for its inception. Andrew later changed the name of the band to “AAB” when it became a solo project of his. However, the solo project had the exception of Aaron Dilloway who was also in the band for the release of “She’s a Perfectionist” on a cassette (only) for Hanson Records.  The solo project lasted from about 6 months to a year.

Lab Lobotomy

Lab Lobotomy was the first band Andrew put a lot of effort into and formed while in High School. Originally the band was named “Labotomy” but changed it after realizing it was spelled wrong, even t-shirts with the misprinted name could have been made. Band members included Jaime Morales (guitar), Alex Goldman (trumpet, guitar,vocals) and Allan Hazlett.

Artists Against Apartheid

Artists Against Apartheid’s “Unity + Peace = Strength” was a spontaneous recording session late one night in 1997. It was recorded in the first apartment Andrew lived in on his own in Ypsilanti, MI. After a “Harry Pussy” concert, that band came over to Andrew’s apartment (the connection was through Tom Smith who had previously recorded with the band in Miami) and started jamming. Other people who participated and who were involved in the recording was Twig Harper, Aaron Dilloway and Andy Roach. Aaron Dilloway suggested to Andrew that he start recording what they were doing. With Andrew’s previously setup recording equipment they captured the said album. Adris Hoyos (from Harry Pussy) can be heard throughout saying “give me something to ride on man”.

The Beast People

Members include Aaron Dilloway, James Twig Harper, Nate Young and Andrew Wilkes-Krier on some releases. A 10″ was released on Hanson records that Andrew participated in. That 10″ was recorded mostly by Aaron Dilloway in Andrew’s soundproof closet.


Members include Steve Kenny (drummer) and others. There is one song entitled “Freejumps”, which then turned to into a full fledged band (this was often the case was such bands). No actual releases.

Galen Via Hercules

One release

The Hercules

Andrew plays drums

Isis and Werewolves

Steve Kenny was in this band.