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I just spent way too much money on this promo CD that was handed out to some DJ in Europe for free. Anyway I just got this import from Germany in the mail yesterday and paid a good chunk of change for 5:47 of music. It’s somewhat rare though so its pretty cool to have now!

Another thing kind of cool about this release is that it probably was the first or second thing put out once he was signed to Island Records. Mercury Records of Europe distributed the UK Party Hard [Single] 2001 and this UK I Get Wet [Promo] 2001; but it’s unclear which one was first. I would guess this one was first. It actually has the same familiar feel as the Steev Mike Radio Commercial. The songs on this promo are the same that appear on the I Get Wet LP. The artwork came as a paper sleeve (no casing). It also plays the music video of Party Hard along with some flashy menus when you put it into your computer. Now for your benefit and without any further adieu Download I Get Wet [Promo].