Oct 052010

Today as I was doing a bit of house keeping around the website I found the Singles/Splits and Promos/Demos sections had been grossly neglected. Sorry dudes! I honestly thought I had posted a lot of this stuff a long time ago. Ive had it forever but I guess I just failed to archive it. How come nobody told me?! Seriously email me if something looks off dickalan@andrewwkmusic.com

Anyway, no more broken links around those sections. A lot of this is available for the first time here, the archived stuff includes the tracks and hi-res scans of the artwork. Everything is authentic, no stolen and mismatched tracks from other releases.

The Singles/Splits and Promos/Demos pages are way more up-to-date now. Check it.

Oh yea and Andrew tweeted us again today. So, welcome new visitors! This site generally appeals to people who collect AWK stuff. Have something to submit? Do it via our uploader. Also you can subscribe to news posts via an Email or RSS Feed subscriptions!

 Posted by on October 5, 2010