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Countdown to the submission deadline.

Here is a quick rundown of the facts so far about the upcoming AWK tribute CD.

  • Submissions are now open to take tracks
  • Submissions will be shut off April 30th 2011
  • You can submit your tracks using the Uploader Tool
  • We accept covers, remixes, and original Party Rock genre songs (we are encouraging branching out from the I Get Wet album)
  • It’s done in collaboration with Holly, the originator of the first tribute CD
  • Once released, fans will vote on the best track. The winner will then be sent a T-Shirt which has the album art on it, an exclusive physical copy of the CD,  2 of Andrews singles, +more!
  • Also, once released we will be shipping a copy to Andrew himself. So surely your work will be heard!
  • If you don’t contribute musically you can contribute to the artwork. We’re working on a collage for the liner and back. Submit your fan photos (whether AWK is in the pic or not) to the Uploader Tool.
  • Here is a list of the tracks that have been submitted so far: (note: there are still many tracks pending)
  1. This Is Andrew W.K. Alexx T
  2. We Want Fun Brian Fukushima
  3. Pursuit of Partyness Michael Ripka
  4. I Came For You Jake
  5. I Get Wet (8-Bit) Ian Grass Seed Pansies
  6. She Is Beautiful (8-Bit)
  7. p4rty_h4rd (8-Bit) Tate Gregor
  8. Coming Bad GOJOE
  9. I Love Party Music Dickalan

You’ll notice that I’ve recently decided to participate myself in the upcoming CD. I’ll be doing a rendition of I Love NYC but instead entitled I Love Party Music. It’s my version of what a tribute track to AWK would be. Stay tuned, I will be posting a preview of the track in the coming week.