Sep 182010

Within two weeks we have archived 40 AWK related items! Party Hard! With 15 of those items posted today. BUT WAIT! We have saved the best for last! Two really rare releases and an unseen documentary made by Andrews videographer from 2002 are coming tomorrow, the next day and the day after that! But dont stop there. If youve enjoyed this 2 week ride expect even better content when you subscribe to our Email and RSS Feed subscriptions! AND youll be the first to get them!

New Items Just Today:

2 New Tracks in the B-Sides Section

  1. Kicks & Bricks [Early Version 01]
  2. Kicks & Bricks [Early Version 02]

Thanks to readytodie for these!!!!

1 New EP in the Produced Albums Section

  1. Fortune Dove EP Wolf Eyes (also has exclusive Andrew W.K. track)

Thanks to readytodie for this!!!!

3 New Albums in the Appearances: Performances Section

  1. Safe Inside The Day Baby Dee (Andrew on Bass & Drums)
  2. Birth Canal Blues Current 93 (Andrew on Bass)
  3. Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain Current 93 (Andrew on Bass, Piano, Vocals)

5 New Tracks in the Appearances: Remix Section

  1. House Party 3oh!3
  2. Say Goodbye Samuel
  3. The Afterlife Yacht
  4. The Afterlife Instrumental Yacht
  5. Felicia The Constellations

4 New Tracks in Fan Remix Section
  1. Andrew Fights For His Right- Andrew WK Vs Beastie Boys Tim G
  2. super+we+want+fun+55remix sorry cant remember where I got this?!
  3. Party Hard (Piano Only) by Luke
  4. Ready To Die (Piano Only) By Luke
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