Sep 172010

Serious and major props to Joefrederick for this! This version has an extra 45 minute long concert from Taiwan on it +more! Not only does this download include the DVD files but also Hi-Res scans of the art! Just burn the DVD files using your favorite DVD burning softwareno need to re-author anything! To download this DVD it will be a little different then our normal downloads. It will take some minor how-to knowledge using torrents, this is due to its massive size of 4gb big. Youll need a program such as Utorrent. Then just download this DVD!

Once youve completely downloaded this torrent PLEASE, PLEASE seed the file as long as you possible can. Meaning, you leave your computer on and the Utorrent program running while people download the file from YOU. Please especially do this if people are still downloading it from you (youll know what I mean once you see it in Utorrent).

For those who just really really really dont get how to download and use torrents contact me and well work something else out.

I realize this download and use of torrents might be a little more involved then the average user might be use to so please contact me at for any questions


 Posted by on September 17, 2010