Sep 162010

Mostly random stuff today. You may already have it, but it hasnt been properly put up on this site yet. My Destiny is a song that was supposedly written when Andrew was 17 but it doesnt sound anything like the stuff he was recording back then. Its recording sounds much more recent, like a B-side from the Mother of Mankind album. Youll be able to find it permanently in the B-Sides section. Never Let Down (Live Sessions @ AOL) is another track that will permanently be placed in the B-Side section, it comes from readytodie. He posted it at his most excellent site Party (You Shout) is obviously from the Premium Collections and more specifically The Very Best So Far as a bonus track. Im just making sure everybodys heard it! And I apologize for this next track, there was an MP3 of the Steev Mike Radio Ad (also in B-side section) that was only 1 minute long and thats whats been downloaded 87 times from this site. That mp3 floated around for sometime, well for the full track which is 2:35 long, you can download it Steev Mike Radio Commercial now! I highly, highly recommend getting this track, its very peculiar. I cant remember if Ive put this up already or not as a news post but I know it wasnt in the B-side section for some reason, but now it is! Dont Stop Living On The Edge a cover by Good Clean Fun.

This gem came awhile back: 2010-Andrew WK & Matt Sweeney Jam Session. I dont really know what section of the site to put it in yet Im still deciding. But it will eventually be put somewhere permanently other than this news post. Artists Against Apartheid is another noise album, its a Band/album release Andrew was a part of back in the day. Honestly I dont know much about it. It was initially on, its just one long 20 minute track. ENJOY FOR TODAY!

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