Apr 092011

01 Cover

OK, so this might be overkill and I know I’ve revised this bootleg like five times now. But hey don’t complain, the more music the better right?

  1. You Will Remember Tonight (Website)
  2. Kicks And Bricks (Website)
  3. One Brother (Internet Leak)
  4. Vagabond (Radio)
  5. We Will Boogie (MySpace Version)
  6. Not Going To Bed (Website Version 02)
  7. Kicks & Bricks [Early Version 01]
  8. Kicks & Bricks [Early Version 02]
  9. Big Party (Bonus Track-Vinyl Rip)
  10. We’re Not Gunna Get Old (Bonus Track-Vinyl Rip)
  11. Kicks And Bricks (Bonus Track-Vinyl Rip)
  12. I’ve Got Know Fear (Bonus Track-Vinyl Rip)
  13. We Will Boogie (Bonus Track-Vinyl Rip)
  14. Big Party (Digital Download)
  15. We’re Not Gunna Get Old (Digital Download)
  16. Kicks And Bricks (Digital Download)
  17. I’ve Got Know Fear (Digital Download)

Notes: Both ‘website’ tracks appeared on the official awk page in 2005. “One Brother” was leaked via the official forums. “Vagabond” appeared on an internet radio interview – Check ‘interview’ section of this site. The same version then appeared on a CCWBW promo. All of which appeared BEFORE CCWBW was released. The early versions of Kicks and Bricks came from AWKMedia.net (thanks Knox). The vinyl tracks are actual rips from the US version. The digital downloads were linked to from the official site. Any other track should be self explanatory.

Archived Here