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There’s been a lot of party vibes in the atmosphere this weekend. Perhaps it’s because today is my birthday. I didn’t want to make plans for the weekend, but plans have come and gone and somehow appeared again for later today. So now I sit here with a full plate of partying in front of me and I’ve got no choice but to chow down, partying hard all day before coming back for seconds. Could there be a better way to kick off a day of partying than sharing some rare Andrew W.K. tracks? I think not! So without further ado, please help yourselves to my party cake and click the links below!

First, I’d like to share the new Kiba single, imported directly from Japan. This release has three tracks by Marty Friedman, two of which feature Andrew W.K.! The first track is the single, sung in Japanese by Andrew. The second track, Battle Scars, does not feature Andrew W.K. (according to the id3 tags), but I wouldn’t be surprised if he played the keyboards on it. Either way, Battle Scars is a heavy instrumental sure to get some fists pumping and parties partying. The final track on the single is an instrumental version of Kiba, also featuring Andrew W.K. With no vocals here, Im left to assume AWK plays keys on the song, but it could be all Marty. But either way, this song has strong party vibes and a beat that AWK enthusiasts are sure to enjoy. Check out the stereo panning on holy smokes, nearly everything! Ok, not everything, but there’s a party going from left to right all over this single!

For a second helping, you can grab Welcome & Congratulations, Andrews contribution to The Journal of Popular Noise (Issue 13). The Journal is a very interesting magazine, if one could even call it that. Inspired by both the traditions of pop music and magazines, the Journal challenges artists to conform to a strict structure while creating their own contributions to the zine. Each issue contains three 7 records beautifully held in what the Journal accurately describes as a finely crafted artifact. With respect for finely crafted artifacts, uploading this was a difficult decision, but one that Im ultimately happy making. Without a functioning scanner, I sadly won’t be able to provide the graphs, charts, or pages of the magazine (but this does quell the guilt of making such an amazing artifact available). However, if you are interested in games, finely crafted artifacts, and Andrew W.K., this might be a record set you’re interested in picking up yourself. More information is available directly from the Journal of Popular Noise. If you want to read what the magazine printed about Andrew W.K., that information is available here. My rip of Welcome & Congratulations contains the entire 7 record unlike the MySpace excerpt that has been floating around, so get to downloading and enjoy your award! Goodbye!