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Well It’s finally arrived, theoretically all our questions we’ve ever wanted to ask to Andrew W.K. will be answered by tonight. At NYCs Santos Party House from the hours of 8PM EST – 10PM EST hell be taking questions from audience members and perhaps even a short performance? There are three things you can do to fully soak up this historical event.

1) Anticipate AndrewWKMusic.com to bring you full coverage of the event in the near future. We have a representative of OUR site there filming everything for you!!! You’ll be able to archive it soon enough.

2) Watch the event LIVE tonight at Justin.TV. Sign up to join the chat room! See what time it is in New York right now, so you don’t miss the show!

3) Starting at 7PM EST view the live blog from the same people who did the informative interviews of Andrew and his drummer Donald Tardy.