Feb 102011

So a blog over at http://fanmaderecordings.blogspot.com/ has posted a live recording of the Big Day Out festival held in Australia. The recording is entitled 2011-01-30-Big Day Out, Flemington Racecourse. Now, perhaps I just didnt look hard enough or the memo just never got to my desk but there were hardly ANY proper bootlegs from Warped Tour last Summer. I dont know how many shows Andrew played but I know it was more than this Australian festival. He plays a few shows in Australia and BAM we get some recordings! You win this one Australia, but Ill gladly take the loss if this means we get more AWK concerts out of you. Thanks to fanmaderecordings you can enjoy the following:

Archived: 2011-01-30-Big Day Out, Flemington Rac

This is what they said about it:

Andrew W.K.
Probably the funnest set of the day here. So much eneergy coming from Andrew and his band. The circle pits were pretty awesome too.


1. Take It Off (Cuts In)
2. You Will Remember Tonight
3. Long Live The Party
4. She Is Beautiful
5. Ready To Die
6. We Want Fun
7. I Get Wet
8. Party Hard

Length: 36:35

Sound Quality: B+

Wait! Were not done. Wed also like to make mention of a track Andrew covered, a live track, Half A Chance by Baby Dee. Major thanks to Lex Leningrad for making use of our Uploader tool. There, anybody can upload virtually any media format (text, pics, audio, video, etc.). It was recorded @ Newbury Comics in Norwood, MA on March 23, 2010.

Archived: Half A Chance

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