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NOTE: This Round #2 was initially supposed to be much more comprehensive than the state it’s in right now. Due to an insane amount of activity and involvement Andrew participates in daily the amount of posts I’m able to sort through and archive is extremely time consuming! My secret is the use of the application Google Reader along with Google Alerts. Basically whenever certain terms like Andrew W.K. is posted somewhere online Google notifies me. These articles can build up into the thousands! Although this article consists of only 1/3 of the news that’s happened since December I figured if I didn’t post it now I would just keep getting further and further behind, so here it is.

HELP ME! The official AWK website does not post every bit of news. Although this task would be impossible to accomplish to its fullest, a worthy attempt is the technique I described above. However, time constraints wont allow me to do it all by myself! So, using Google Readers bundle I can share these awk news feeds with you! Help me with Around The World With AWK #3 and dig up the most recent AWK news with Google Readers bundle feature by sending me an email to awkmusic@gmail.comYou’ll be the first to get any news about AWK!


Back by popular demand this featured article is ready for round two. We had almost a 1,000 visitors the first time around! Let break 1,000 this time so spread the word! We hope you haven’t missed the following AWK news, if so were here for ya. Next time you can stay up with us by using our Email and RSS Feed subscriptions.


This release came out of nowhere, I’m A Vagabond 7″ is meant for collectors!!! 500 copies only!!! SOLD OUT

1. I’m A Vagabond
2. Doing Andrew W.K.
3. Let’s Go On A Date

  • The Guardian provided a very interesting article about an unreleased song entitled My Destiny. It was supposedly recorded and written when Andrew was 17.
  • Download My Destiny.
  • Volcom Vinyl Club started selling Andrews We Got A Groove 7 for CHEAP!






Comic Book Club: Live! did a short interview with Andrew.


Since our last time around the world Andrew has revealed quite a bit about his history and himself!!! Very very informative!


  1. Rock Sound TV,
  3. Metal Sucks
  4. mxdwn
  • Donald Tardy (Andrews old drummer) speaks out against conspiracy theories.
  • Andrew W.K. responds personally to conspiracy theories at the official site.
  • NiteTalk interviews Andrew> HERE
  • The Aquarian interviewed Andrew.
  • VBS.TV interviewed Andrew.

Featured Articles



  • An article from Wall Street Journal promoting the Ask Andrew W.K. Anything Event.
  • Broadwayworld speaks to Andrew about touring with his full band.
  • A follow up article from NBC on the Ask Andrew event.
  • Announcement of Andrews SSXW shows.
  • Andrew will host Fang Islands album release party at Santos Party House February 13.
  • Andrew will be a judge for a book thingy.
  • Free AWK Show
  • Andrew W.K. will be performing at Big Ears Festival
  • Andrew played with Marty Friedman