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Welcome! to a new feature of this site found right here on this news blog. Hopefully on a regular basis we will consolidate ALOT of the news highlights of the past 1 or 2 weeks that you might have missed. Some of this might be old news but you probably havent seen ALL of it before. Because there is quite a lot that happens in a short amount of time around here. So take a tour with us Around The World With AWK.


Lets just crash into it! Blabbermouth.net interviewed Marty Friendman which shed some more light about an upcoming single that was originally announced at the blog Truth In Shredding. The actual site youll want to keep an eye out for pre-orders is CDJapan. The single is called Kiba and it will be released with the option to order it either with or without a bonus DVD. Here is a countdown till the release date; 1/27/2010.


Its going to be a fun night for musicians out there!! Cause Andrew has released The Best So Far. This is a book that features guitar tab for all the tracks that appeared on the Japan release of The Very Best So Far

If you didnt already know Mother of Mankind was announced at Andrew W.K.s youtube channel. MAKE SURE TO READ the (more info) section for the goods.


Exclaim.ca features a really funny video of AWK at a sleepover party!

Cool Youtube video of AWK live at CEMF 2009. Performing I Love New York City.

Here are some pretty awesome videos of AWK performing on Liberaces Piano.

AWK sings The Quad Cities

NPR has an awesome show featuring AWK in this Tiny Desk Concert

Did you miss the release party footage from A Wild Pear 7 ??? Shame on you, well just to remind you.


KUSF 90.3fm was supposed to have an interview posted with AWK but it never aired? Perhaps a blip in the system so just keep your ear to the ground

Maximum Fun posted an archived show/interview from The Sound of Young America.

Did you know Andrew W.K. modeled himself after Bob Barker? Well neither did I until I read this interview.

Another interview by Exclaim.ca thats super long here is a highlight reel of the video.

The guardian features an interview of Andrew in regards to his legal battles during The Wolf. This SHORT interview is VERY informative and fills in a lot of gaps about Andrews history. Andrew followed up on twitter stating that this interview went much longer than whats printed! What idiots!! Why didnt they print the whole thing? This information was golden and they just tossed it aside.

The QCTimes interviewed AWK where he gives some more interesting facts during the IGW and TW era. It eventually leads into his TV show Destroy Build Destroy. I enjoyed this interview, so if you have the time go for it! They then posted a follow up to this interview Here. It involves some excerpts that didnt make it into the main article.

This guy says he interview AWK but I couldnt find it on his site anywhere?

Review of RIBCO concert with an interview. This has some pretty cool information about more legal battles AWK has had.

Heres an interview through boostmobile, couldnt figure out the site though to access it.


Exclaim.ca does a lot of features on Andrew WK and how he can Party Hard. This particular one is in regards to Steev Mike allegations, and Andrews denial of being an actor via twitter.

Andrew explains Mother of Mankind CD release


Andrew recently posted on his twitter a picture of a magazine featuring him on the cover! The article was done by laura leebove who also runs her own blog. I believe Andrew came to a panel in regards to the release of this magazine. If Im not mistaken Ready2Kill from the official forums went to this party. Youll have to ask him for more details.

Andrew was recently featured in the November issue of NME.


This is a great video of AWK promoting his TV show Destroy Build Destroy on ABC NEWS!!

LXTV interviews Andrew W.K. while he promotes his club Sky Skraper Music Maker and also New York City.


ANDREW W.K. IS CONFIRMED TO BE IN THIS YEARS LINE UP FOR VANS WARPED TOUR 2010!!!! I counted 43 shows across the US. This isnt confirmed or anything but my instincts tell me that hell have his full band backing him. Opposed to 2005-2009 shows of mixer playing on a stereo in the background. An Andrew W.K. show is the funnest concert I have ever been to in my entire life!! Tickets go on sale in March I believe.

Consequence of sound reports a confirmation of Andrew W.K. performing at Big Ears 2010. Tickets went on sale December 11th.

From what I heard the RIBCO show was a blast!! It had a backing band so AWK could perform closer to what fans were more familiar with in 2001-2004.

Andrew played at the Live Arts Benefit concert in LA 12/10/09


This is a very strange twitter post picture by AWK. He claimed it was taken this year but it wasnt, this is a 2001 photo. What gives?