Jun 272011


We’re reaching almost as far back as the vaults go on this one. Check out these pics from the “first” Andrew W.K. show with the full backing band “AWK”. They played at the London Highbury Garage on the 23rd of October 2001.


(Photo credit: Daniel Cairns, last photo -Gregg Roberts)

Here is a description of the show:

The show was Andrew cramed into a venue of 30 die hard fans and several hundred press waiting to see the man they had heard and read about in the last few months. The night consited of no support band and Andrew doing a 45minute set hours after doors opened. Andrew gave a hetic jam packed run through of songs of his albun “I Get Wet” plus a few older songs. Andrew still played I love New York just dedicating it to the people that died in the twin towers disaster saying “I think this song is more relavant now than it has ever been!” and by the crowd reaction I think he was right. You would have all suspected that Party Hard would be the one that got the crowd going tonight well you would be wrong, the crowd loved Party Hard but it wasn’t to the enchore starter I Want Fun that the crowd ecnited like someone had stuck a fire cracker up their backsides.