Jan 212010


Since our Become Admin post weve had 3 excited members join our admin team. AmigoWK, LewisSO, and lexleningrad all have unique talents to offer, so YOU can benefit. You can see every specific posts by them in a new tab called Admin Member Posts on the < left sidebar. Also, to distinguish post from their authors you can see at the bottom of each post is the authors name.  REMEMBER YOU TO CAN BECOME ADMIN JUST AS EASILY! Now check out our first admin post by AmigoWK!!!


I didnt create this, but I did stumble across it while searching for some new chiptunes. Obviously AWKs wall of sound cant be recreated in 8-bit, but whomever made this cover created a very fair interpretation that still makes me want to fist pump and destroy things.

 Posted by on January 21, 2010