UMPG Presents Andrew WK #3 – Is On Its Way

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I didn’t know this bad-boy even existed until a couple weeks ago. This is basically the third iteration of this promo. There were some differences between #1 and #2 and the track “Pushing Drugs”. This one looks to be the same as #2 but with just a different cover. When I get it, which should be sometime in the next week, I’ll let you know if it’s worth archiving. Stay tuned!


All Paid Up For 2015!

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Awhile ago I asked the members of this site to donate some of their $$$ in order to keep this site going. Well I’m happy to say that we’ve met our goal and we’re all paid up for 2015. I owe everyone who donated a HUGE thanks and bear-hug. Thank you so much!

Here’s some updates to look forward to:

  • A special rip of The Wolf dual-disc DVD with perhaps the best audio you’ll ever here from the album
  • German Press Kit scans
  • Review of the show I just went to/my meet-and-greet experience with Andrew W.K.!