Encore! Five More of “The Wolf” Tracks Archived

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01 CD

I told you the goods will keep coming in the following weeks! So today I’ve got an encore to last week’s CD that was archived (full of The Wolf demos). I kind of cringe at the label “demos” because that’s not necessarily what these are. Really they are unfinished tracks from the recording process. But that’s kind of a convoluted headline. Anyway, here is my analysis of these tracks just as I did last week.


  1. Untitled (Close Calls With Brick Walls?)
  2. Tear It Up
  3. Violent Life
  4. Your Rules

The first track is another unused track that we’ve never heard before!!! It’s actually pretty cool. Maybe we’ll hear it fleshed out on some official release in the future? #2 Tear It Up – another version, are you kidding me?! #3 Violent Life – this track is exciting because to me it sounds like this was an attempt to turn this b-side from I Get Wet (officially released on the Party Hard single, but probably taken from the 1999 recording sessions) into a full fledged track intended to appear on The Wolf. During this era of AWK this is the track they would play at the beginning of every live concert. So now we have a very cool Wolf-sounding version of it. #4 Again, another version of Your Rules. However in this track it almost sounds like something was being isolated on purpose in order to add to it later.




The End of Our Lives

OK lastly this fifth track and version of The End of Our Lives was not included on the CD above. It’s rather unique. What’s cool about this version is it contains a metronome which kind of acts like a quasi percussion for the song. Also this version contains an unused verse that never made it into the final version or even into last week’s version. But I really, really like it. So there you have it. Did you ever think we’d get Wolf demos? Crazy.

It’s going to get even crazier. I’ve got tons of demos from I Get Wet. They will blow your mind. Some might be disappointed that most of these Wolf demos don’t contain lyrics (I find it kinda cool to have a bunch of instrumental tracks though). But I promise these I Get Wet demos will not disappoint. In fact the next thing archived I think will go down in AWK history.

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Archived: 2003-03-16-Working Ruffs #2 [Demo]

Archived: 2003-04-22-Piano [Demo]

The Wolf Demos Have Been Archived!

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01 Cover

Happy late 11th birthday to The Wolf! Released 9/9/03.

This contains over an hour of AWK demos!  It’s an 11 year-old recording session from Andrew W.K.’s second LP, The Wolf. The “Ruffs” are dated April 23rd, 2003. That’s almost 5 months before The Wolf was released. I can’t believe we are lucky enough for stuff like this to still exist. Not only that but by a series of fortunate events I’ve recently obtained it and have archived it to you for your party pleasure.


  1. Blow Your Bone (Victory Strikes Again)
  2. Never Ending Party (Long Live The Party)
  3. Addicted To Life (We’re Not Gunna Get Old)
  4. Free Jumps (vocals)
  5. I Love Music
  6. I’m Totally Stupid
  7. Never Let Down
  8. New Piano Song (The End of Our Lives)
  9. New Song (World)
  10. Really In Love
  11. Tear It Up (vocals)
  12. The Mom (The Song)
  13. Your Rules
Artistic rendition – not actual artwork

There’s a couple interesting things to point out in the track listing. First of all, apparently the working title for “Victory Strikes Again” AND the album was originally “Blow Your Bone”. Based on an early ad for the album I’ve mocked up what the potential artwork would have looked like for that album. I’ve read different stories and Andrew even gave me another rendition of why the album title was changed to “The Wolf”. Whatever the actual reason is, sometime between April and September it was in fact changed.

Next is track #2 “Never Ending Party”, simply put the track’s name changed to “Long Live The Party”. The musical arrangement of “We’re Not Gunna Get Old” was going to be featured on The Wolf but was retitled to “Addicted To Life”. Obviously since there are no lyrics inserted at this point in the recording process it’s hard to know how different the song was going to be. A lot of the tracks from The Wolf are actually carried over tracks from the 1999 recording sessions and even songs considered and re-recorded for I Get Wet. However that’s not the case for “The End of Our Lives” it was written explicitly for this album, which makes sense why it’s temporarily titled “New Piano Song”. –This kind of made me chuckle, because aren’t all his songs “new piano songs”? Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of the item is track #9, an entirely new song we’ve never heard before! 11 years later and we’re finally hearing it from the cutting room floor. This version of “Really In Love” is 7 minutes and 30 seconds long. Holy cow! I’m not the sharpest knife in the box so it wasn’t until I read the name for #12 did I ever realize the acronym for the “Mother of Mankind” album is MOM. It would have been really interesting to listen to a different version of “Don’t Ever Stop The Noise” & “The Song” reworked as  “The Mom”. One has to wonder what in the world that would have sounded like?!

You’ll notice quickly while listening that most of the tracks don’t have lyrics. So it almost plays as the long rumored all-instrumental album Andrew was planning to release. So until that pans out enjoy these archived tracks.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, I plan on archiving even more stuff next week so please spread the word and check back soon.

Was there anything I missed? Let me know what cool things you noticed in the forum. And remember you need to join the fun club to download anything on the site. Enjoy!

Archived: 2003-04-23-AWK Ruffs [Demo]