Have You Seen This Yet?

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Don’t you hate those blogs where every time they update they apologize for not updating in awhile? Well me too! So I’m not going to do it. And besides I shouldn’t have to. Though it may not look like much is going on around these parts I have been busy working on other areas of the website. Have you explored it lately? Here are some major and minor changes I’ve worked on recently.

The Media Archives: Music 


This is what you came for in the first place isn’t it!? I don’t think people realize just how much content is actually available on this website. That was my fault and an issue of poor design, so I got rid of the drop down> drop down> drop down menus. Now you can literally see everything in our archives by visiting  just five pages; Music, More Music!, VideoText, and Websites.

AndrewWKMusic Forums


If you consider yourself a hardcore Andrew W.K. fan, this is where you’ll find the craziest dudes of all! It’s up and running and is kind of our answer to the official forums fizzling out. But be patient, we’re just starting it up so our community isn’t super huge… yet.  But we do already have some pretty good discussions going. So come visit or join our forum! (Hint: to join, Andrew W.K.’s favorite number is 55)

Group Purchases


This is an entirely new idea around here and I think it’s a good one. Your dollar goes much further when you combine it with others wanting the same thing. Here you’ll find special offers and really rare Andrew W.K. merchandise we have yet to archive. So opt-in and pay only a fraction of the cost of an item, once the goal is met the item will be purchased and distributed to you!