Six Songs From The 1999 Recording Sessions

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If you didn’t know already, Andrew W.K. is releasing a bonus disc along with his 10th Anniversary – I Get Wet reissue. The tracklisting was released on the official website two weeks ago.

DISC 1 (“I Get Wet” – The Original Album):

1. It’s Time To Party
2. Party Hard
3. Girls Own Love
4. Ready To Die
5. Take It Off
6. I Love NYC
7. She Is Beautiful
8. Party Til You Puke
9. Fun Night
10. Got To Do It
11. I Get Wet
12. Don’t Stop Living In The Red

DISC 2 (The Bonus Tracks):

1. It’s Time To Party (Live)
2. It’s Time To Party (1999 Version)
3. Party Hard (Live)
4. Party Hard (1999 Version)
5. Girls Own Love (Live)
6. Girls Own Love (1999 Version)
7. Ready To Die (Live)
8. Take It Off (Live)
9. I Love NYC (Live)
10. She Is Beautiful (Live)
11. She Is Beautiful (1999 Version)
12. Party Til You Puke (Live)
13. It Just Got Hotter (Sundogs Version)
14. Got To Do It (Keyboards Version)
15. I Get Wet (Live)
16. Don’t Stop Living In The Red (1999 Version)

Until I actually hear the “1999 Versions” on the bonus CD it’s hard to know if they are alternative versions to the We Want Fun LP, or if they’re the same. Either way I have a little present for anyone wanting to wet their appetite for this 10 year release on the 28th. So in the spirit of rarities and demos here are six more “demos” from 1999. They are additional tracks or alternative versions to anything you would hear on the We Want Fun album. So don’t bypass them assuming you have them. They haven’t been heard or appeared anywhere else except here.

01 Cover

1. She Is Beautiful
2. Girls Own Juice
3. Really In Love
4. We’re Not Going To Get Old
5. Kicks and Bricks
6. I Love NYC

You’ll notice that the first two tracks are in a slightly different style. That’s because they’re most likely some of the earliest “Andrew W.K.” tracks to-date. The last four are a little more polished and more similar to what you’d hear on the We Want Fun album. As more info becomes available and as more tracks are compiled, I reserve the right to add songs to these 1999 Recording Sessions. But for now you can download what I have so far, here: 1999-00-00-1999 Recording Sessions

Recently, a lot more light has been shed on early “Andrew W.K.” and Andrew Wilkes-Krier music. Potentially, there is a lot more music out there than I had previously estimated. Very exciting times to be a hardcore AWK fan to say the least.  More info on that will eventually come forward, but only when it’s ready.

No Wave High School – Galen / Lab Lobotomy

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03 Cover (edited)

1995-No Wave High School [Cass]

This cassette is incredibly rare. It is estimated that only four copies were ever made. About 1 1/2 years ago this cassette went up on ebay for over $100 and now you have it for free!

Nobody can introduce this to you better than the man himself. In the second interview I did with Andrew W.K. he tells how he was involved with this release/band.




The first band in high school I was in was called “Lab Lobotomy”, or at least it was the first band that played shows and tried to do whatever we could do. But originally it was supposed to be called “Lobotomy”, but I spelled it wrong with an “a”, “La-botomy” instead of “Lo-botomy”. Of course I probably made t-shirts and a whole bunch of stuff before I noticed it was misspelled, which is just amazing. So I think the way we as a band kind of covered that, was deciding to embrace it and call it “Lab” and then spell it correctly after that. That’s how that band got named that ridiculous name. Lab Labotomy had Jaime Morales in it playing guitar and a man named Alex Goldman played trumpet, guitar, and sang as well. Also, a man named Allan Hazlett who is a philosophy professor now at NYU I think, was in the band. I got in touch with him not so long ago through email but I haven’t seen him… [looks him up online]. OK, this is saying he’s in the UK now, it’s gotta be the same guy. So now it’s saying [the internet] that he lives in England, I wonder if he’s teaching… he’s really fascinating. After High school I really lost touch with all of those friends to a small degree and then I was blown away when I heard that he decided to go and become a philosopher. He’s at the university of Edinburgh. That’s pretty amazing. So anyway that was Lab Lobotomy.

AAB: The Transition Team & She’s A Perfectionist

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Wow! It’s finally here. This reaches deep into the Hanson Records discography. Ever since they were released in 1995 “HN004″ & “HN00006″ has been struggling to see the light of day. It wasn’t easy considering only 30 copies (roughly) of each were ever made. But once again AndrewWKMusic has pulled through for you!  Just click on the link to start your download (no more yea!).

Enjoy this music err noise!

02 Cover Edited

1995-The Transition Team [Cassette]

03 Front
1995-She’s A Perfectionist [Cassette]

Help out  in order to continually bring you items like the ones above. We only need $60 more dollars to cover our hosting costs through the end of the year. Thank YOU!

Andrew W.K. Commercials

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I scour the internet for AWK stuff, so you don’t have too! And by scour, I don’t mean I simply input a search query into youtube. In my hunting I found a few cool AWK commercials. My coolest finds were definitely the Your Friend Andrew W.K. commercial and also the Don’t Stop Living in the Red – Target at the Beach commercial. It seems to have a different version of the song that I’ve never heard before. There’s a little break-down part. I can’t tell if that’s an effect put in there by Andrew or by Target? All four Kit-Kat commercials haven’t been widely available for about 4 years now. I hadn’t seen them all until now. Anyway, check them out and subscribe to AWKMusic’s YouTube channel.

BIG stuff coming soon… you’ll hear more tomorrow.
-Your Friend,
Dick AL. AN.

Your Friend Andrew W.K. Commercial

Living In The Red – Target – Beach

Living In The Red – Target

Long Live The Party Bush’s Baked Beans

She Is Beautiful Nintendo Gamecube Commercial

Give Me A Break Kit Kat Commercial Assembly Line

Give Me A Break Kit Kat Commercial Headset 15sec

Give Me A Break Kit Kat Commercial Headset 30sec

Give Me A Break Kit Kat Commercial TV News