Coming Bad Preview

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Here is another “preview” of what’s to come on the tribute CD. This classic comes from GOJOE aka Ready2Kill @ the official forums. This is radical: Coming Bad Preview

Again, upload YOUR cover, remix, or tribute song to the Uploader Tool.

AWK EP Released & Reviewed

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TODAY is the release of Andrew W.K. ‘s new EP. It is the first EP in 10 years and it rAWKs!


I’ve had the opportunity to listen to this more than a few times now. At least once on my home stereo system and once on my headphones (I think they bring out different things). The overall style of this EP has definitely shifted from other releases towards more of the club dance music of 2011. There is nothing wrong with that, since the Party Til You Puke EP was club dance music of 2001. And it was great! However, its very different from IGWs and The Wolfs METAL (which has classical music elements in it). There really isn’t much metal to hear at all except for the thrasher break down in Head Bang, which rules. However, I can still occasionally hear the classical music progression I love in AWKs music so that makes me happy.

I think most people are yearning for a repeat of either I Get Wet or The Wolf when anything is released by Andrew W.K.. I too would be more than happy to get that, however I think that changing your style as a musician makes complete sense and isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As I’ve listened to the quality of music and production level upon each Japan release increase, I think this NEW direction will not disappoint. Also I think it has the potential of surpassing anything that the Close Calls With Brick Walls album offered. But we’re not talking about new albums, were talking about this EP. Back to that.

The change in the husky vocals from The Wolf to Close Calls With Brick Walls is all the more present in this EP. You will now look back at Close Calls and think dang! his vocals were so much more husky then. Sometimes I felt like I was straining to hear the lyrics or to hear the vocals at all, but even worse it sometimes felt like it was physically hurting my ears to listen to it! The naturally soft or deep tones the human voice have are somehow removed and all that’s left is a raspy and harsh voice. However, I think it’s a definite improvement from any of the other releases from Japan, vocal-wise. In fact, since this EP has the same styling of other Japan releases, I think it’s fair to compare them. I think that this EP has improved in every way relative to what he’s released previously in Japan. AWESOME!

1) Party All Goddamn Night
This is a great song and has some awesome elements within it. The only thing that bothers me a little bit about it is its structure. I still don’t know which is which between the chorus and verse of the song. It just kinda seems scattered all over the place and I have no idea what’s coming next. Overall, cool song. I like the vocoder elements used, reminiscent of I Get Wet.

2) Everybody’s Raging
This song is sick!!! When it’s time to rage we will rage rage rage brought a smile to my face. The bridges (or whatever you call it) / bounce beat was interesting. Unique for AWK I must say. Raging is kinda a hokey word, but who is taking this music THAT seriously? Honestly people, raging fits well in AWKs music. I’m sure we’ll see this one make the Raucous album since the themes fit together almost too well.

3) I Sold My Soul
EASILY my favorite song on the EP. Awesome arrangement and structure to the song. Knowing the background, you can definitely tell this one comes from the heart. Wish I could turn up the piano just before the ending!!! AWESOME!!!! I can’t stop listening to this song on repeat. I’m obsessed!

4) Head Bang
Wow, pretty different, not only from the three previous songs but also from anything else he’s done. However, it kind of reminds me of one of the OK songs on CCWBW. The lyrics were hilarious but the 2nd half (the thrasher part) was the best part of the song. Heavy = awesome. Just an OK song in my opinion.

5) I’m A Vagabond
See my review of Mother of Mankind

6) Were All Women
LOVED, this updated version. It turned a song that I didn’t really care about into one of my favorite songs on the EP! Not only was it a welcomed change of pace on the EP, but I also wouldn’t mind if an entire album sounded like this! But I know many probably disagree and want a rock n roll album. This is what the update to Vagabond should have been like on MOM. If you didn’t know, Andrew recorded this track with Peter Yanowitz at the 2007 Hanson Fools Banquet. A demo version can be found in the B-side section. What a contrast!

7) I Was Born To Love You
This E-Single has been available for awhile now, I’ve talked it about it other places. See my article about The Top 10 Andrew W.K. Songs You Never Knew Existed it made that list.

Andrew has stated that he is recording a new Rock n Roll album, if the songs are similar or the same as these I think a better description would be he is recording a dance album. I don’t necessarily think Rock n Roll as I’m listening to these. However, this could be what Party Til You Puke was to I Get Wet??? Only time will tell. Overall I’m happy with this EP, I approve!

Overall = 9/10

However, I have to add that I Sold My Soul and We’re All Women = 10/10

I Will Not Be Archiving This EP Anytime Soon

I’ve previously written up my thoughts in a blog post on the importance of ownership of property. There, I described the irony between this site and the type of visitors who frequent this site. What I’ve discovered is that the people who regularly return to this site are also the people who collect Andrew W.K. merchandise. Meaning, most of the people who are interested in free content are the same people who are making purchases. Weird right? Please read that blog post for further explanation.

Awhile back I decided not to archive full length albums here. I don’t really know exactly why I made that decision but there was some wisdom in it. Perhaps it was my way of saying: Hey, support this artist!! despite all the things that you can find. I’ve recently read an EXCELLENT article about the analysis of sales in the music industry; entitled The Real DEATH Of The Music Industry. There they have charts like the following:

It clearly shows that most revenue for an artist comes from LP sales. I think subconsciously I knew this before I even read the article and that’s why I chose not to archive the full length albums. Unfortunately for artists, LP sales have been in a serious decline since the early 2000s:

I don’t really see this decline turning around anytime soon either. What this chart doesn’t show is the revenue from touring. I think eventually a touring artist will become more and more like a sporting event. Yea, you can watch the game for free on TV but there is a reason why people pay premium prices to sit at the stadium. Going to a venue, being around people who have the same common interest and feeling the energy of a live band is just something you cannot get from a free/cheap digital copy of music. A show can be something worth laying down serious cash for (just look at athlete salaries). I think that’s where the money will be for artists in the future, so it would be wise to design an entertaining show. Luckily for Andrew W.K. he already puts on the most entertaining show I’ve ever been to.

So the reason why I’ve chosen to not archive this EP right away and why I have archived others, is that it almost seems too close to an LP to me and it’s too new. I suspect that a lot of the money to be made in LPs or EPs are around the date of release. I think you will benefit greatly by owning a copy of it (as explained in my previous blog post). So, just because this site offers many free archived items does not mean I don’t believe in supporting Andrew W.K.. Go buy the EP!!!!

Here is what your carpet will look like before and after you collect archived materials vs when you start making purchases:

Before / After

We Want Fun Preview

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Brian Fukushima returns from the very first tribute CD in this rendition of We Want Fun. EXCELLENT JOB! Here is a preview of the track:

We Want Fun By Brian Fukushima

Please submit YOUR covers, remixes, or original songs by uploading them here: Uploader Tool.

P.S. The website was hacked on Sunday night, which is why I took it down for the past few days. Everything is returning to normal now though.

Taylor Hanson – Take My Time

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===UPDATE 3/23/11===

Some more information has come in on the wire about this song and actually a little bit more insight on the song Were All Women too; which will be appearing on the new EP Party All Goddamn Night. Anyway, Take My Time was put together just outside of Tulsa Oklahoma with Taylor Hanson on vocals, Andrew playing acoustic guitar, and Dan Haseltine on the electric piano. Once the song was written, a studio version was recorded (as archived below) with Andrew W.K. on bass and some hand percussion. It was all written and recorded in a single day. The same methods were used while writing Were All Women only on a different day, it was in collaboration with Peter Yanowitz. This quasi band camp (Hanson Fools Banquet) lasted for four days, which if you do the math leaves two other songs Andrew participated in that are still out there somewhere waiting for you to find them.


I betcha didn’t know Andrew W.K. collaborated with Taylor Hanson (from Hanson) & Dan Haseltine (from Jars of Clay) for a song called Take My Time?! Its unclear who wrote what but all three are credited for writing the music and lyrics in 2007 at the Fools Banquet. That said, Taylor Hanson is the one who performs it hence, he’s known for the song.

Take My Time Archived



Here are the lyrics:

I’ve never had a true obsession
but that’s what you turned out to be
spent hours reeling
The days you’re stealing
Well, they might be the death of me
take me alive
take my breath, my heartbeat inside
If you let me I’ll give you
All that’s worth taking
Take my time
I’ve never needed conversation
To fill an empty afternoon
Your touch it wakes me
Your love it makes me
Every moment with you ends too soon
take me alive
take my breath, my heartbeat inside
If you let me I’ll give you
All that’s worth taking
Take my time
oh won’t you take my time 99.9% Archived!

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Wow, I doubted that this day would ever come, but we’ve managed to archive almost ALL of the music and video that was ever available on! 2GB of new stuff can be found in the Video section! Were trying something a little different this time around. For your convenience, all the files are hosted on So in the new section all you need to do is right click and Save Link As. You have a lot of video to grab so get busy! Thanks so much to Nick Sheehan!

See the Checklist

Have any video? Upload video files here!

The Andrew W.K. Tribute CD

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This is your time to pay, this is your judgement day! Pay tribute to Andrew W.K. by submitting any cover songs, remixes or original Party Rock genre of songs. You’ll have 1 1/2 months from today, your deadline and judgement day is April 30th 2011. So hurry up and submit your tracks!

Here is a sample of what’s to come

Pursuit of Partyness Preview by Michael Ripka

Upload your tribute tracks here.

Steps to upload

  1. No need to “signup” for anything
  2. Click the “Choose File” button
  3. Find the file on your hard drive and select it
  4. Hit “upload” to upload the file to us! And you’re done!


  • To get credit for an upload please “leave a comment” within this post. Describe your upload and who you are.

The Top 10 Andrew WK Songs You Never Knew Existed

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10. The McLaughlin Groove

Is a play on words for McLaughlin Group, a 1/2 hour TV program broad-casted in the United States. The lyrics of the song are based on actual off-hand comments made by the commentators of the show. It’s completely nonsensical, which makes for perfect content of an AWK song!

9. Party Party Party

Created for the Aqua Teen Hunger Force TV show. This humorous parody of the familiar Party theme associated with AWK is highlighted in its lyrics O Party Party Party, parties make me farty, I gotta take an antacid, so I can keep on party. After the first couple of listens it’s pretty catchy! Gotta love the Bach-esque piano outro.

8. Hearing What I Said

This one slid under the radar due to Cartoon Network pulling the plug on the correlating music video from YouTube just a day after it was posted. This was probably PR damage control due to the out-cry from CN network fans against CNs new CNREAL programming change. I could care less about CN. But hey! us AWK fans got a music video and a song out of it, right?! The song is actually a rendition of Not Going To Bed from the CCWBW album.

7. I Was Born To Love You

If you haven’t heard of this one its because its brand-new! The new E-Single from Japan is a cover of the Freddie Mercury’s song of the same name. Its Andrews latest release in a marketing blitz to build up to his upcoming EP (March 30th) and LP (sometime later this year hopefully). Andrew really belts it out in this one An Amazing Feeling, Coming Through!!!!

6. It Just Got Hotter

This was created in 2007 as the theme song for the Arizona hockey team Sun Dogs. Its a rendition of Fun Night from the I Get Wet album. Though it was primarily released from the official AWK website, what many people don’t know is that there was an actual promo CD released for it as well. It also included the track You Will Remember Tonight on it. I love the way the song ends in this version Because-It-Just-Got-HOTTER.

5. Steev Mike Radio Commercial

Though not technically an actual song but more of a promo/advert/commercial. Ranked #5 because this will undoubtedly raise an eyebrow at the oddities found in the track. Not only does it contain Andrew W.K. stating he’s Steev Mike (an Island Records recording artist) but it also has alternate versions of Its Time To Party, She Is Beautiful and others. Hey, its mixed together pretty well too!

4. The Santos Cheer

Though it has no official Andrew W.K. name credited to it, the night clubs theme song was obviously influenced/created by him. What you may not have known is that the Santos Party House Blog once offered the tracks within the song to competitors to create the best mix of the song for a prize. It’s no wonder why this tune is one of the most popular B-Sides on this site. The news must have gotten out about this base-thumper and the catchy sing-a-long chorus! (if you have those individual tracks let me know!)

3. Kit Kat Song

Short and sweet, but what a regular song can only do in 2:30 this song does it in 30 seconds flat! The highs and lows, it’s all slam packed into this one. Dare I say way better than the original Kit Kat jingle?! I know at least 930 people that would agree with me.

2. Mickey Mouse Club March

Wow. Ranked #2 for a reason. Words can’t really explain it, just listen to it.

1. Fang (Kiba)

For whatever reason, I never hear anybody talking about this song. Which is why I’ve chosen it as the #1 spot for the most underrated-unknown song by AWK. Kiba is a Japan-only single and this English version entitled Fang really packs a punch. While collaborating with Marty Friedman, Andrew’s lyrical inspiration on this track may not have been rivaled since The Wolf (Fang (Kiba) lyrics here). Enjoy!

***Don’t agree with me? Tell me what you think by leaving a comment***

Tons of Andrew WK Video Coming Soon!

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We’ve already achieved our goal in archiving all the audio that was ever on And now, due to some fortunate events well be able to release almost all the video that was ever archived there as well!

Stay tuned the next few days and be the first to get exclusive releases from through our Email and RSS Feed subscriptions.