Nov 152010

For awhile now Ive been trying to figure out the BEST method of a photo section. Though Im not completely satisfied with it, Ive added a Photo section that you can navigate to from the navigation bar above. ANYBODY can register and add their own photos. Sections include: Events, Live Concerts, Messages From Andrew, You & Andrew, and Your Merchandise & Collection. Holly from the old Dont Stop The Noise fan site generously contributed photos for the Most Interesting Show In The World concert. Check it out!

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Nov 042010

Its about the music, its always been about the music, it will always be about the music. Cause Its Music or Die!

Music or Die!


I Finally Came! (Came!)
Cause I’m Coming Around! (Around!)
Don’t Get In My Way (Way!)
‘Cause I Never Let Down’ (Down!)
We Know What You Do! (What You Do!)
We Heard All Your Lies! (The Lies!)
You Got No Chance Now! (Now!)
It’s Music Or Die! (Or Die!)
Music Or Die! Music Or Die! Music Or Die!
It’s Our Time To Rule! (To Rule!)
And It’s Your Time To Cry! (Your Time To Cry)
You Got No Chance Now! (Music Or Die!)
Cause It’s Music Or Die!
Music Or Die! Music Or Die! Music Or Die! Yeah!

 Posted by on November 4, 2010