Sep 102010

This vinyl rip is a compilation of noise bands, one of which is a band Andrew W.K. was in called Music Band with the particular track being Dirt Lifter. It was a split of two record labels called 7 Songs For The Youth of Today Come To Blackjack Country. The split being Bulb Records and Blackjack Country. Also Andrew might have appeared on the track uhh by Mr. and Mrs. Velocity Hopkins. A word of caution, this record is a noise albumso unless youre into that sort of thing it may not be for you! Since this release only has one or maybe two Andrew tracks were throwing you 2002-06-11-Graceland-Seattle, WA!!! A concert that originally appeared on the website but hasnt been widely available in four yearswhen share shut down. So check it out!

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Sep 092010

This rare album contains 16 tracks and the artists; Andrew Wilkes Krier, Aaron Dilloway, Brad Hales, Twig Harper, Julie Huntington, Nate Young , OM Myth. It was released on the record label God of Tundra. Im not sure what role Andrew played in this release.

Enjoy! Sucking Coeds Team Heat

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Sep 082010

Day 4 of our Two Weeks of Content brings a concert from Andrews own turf in New York City. Brandon Mullis, Andrew W.K.s videographer, recorded 2002-05-26-MotherfuckerParty-The Roxy-NY, NY from his mini-disc. This concert has never been available anywhere else! After downloading, spread the wordand hit the Share This! button below in this post!

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Sep 082010 will be conducting interviews with most if not all of the past/current members of the A.W.K. Band. Please submit your questions for specific members of the band or general questions to anyone of them at I know Ive brought this up before but this time around we actually have some of the interviews scheduled and ready to go! Some pics to remember who they are:

Original Line-up

Current Line-up (Sgt. Frank is still current)

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Sep 062010

As part of our two weeks of releases, today were letting you know about the album Reborn by The Pterodactyls. Andrew played drums on tracks 1,4,6,8,11,13, and 14. This download has high quality rips and album art, the album art contains some very early pics of Andrew as a teenager! Get it!.

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Sep 052010

Brandon Mullis, Andrews official videographer from 2002-2003 has been gracious enough to help out our community immensely! Stay tuned as we release content everyday for the next two week straight! Today we finally have the complete track-listing of the concert:  2002-08-17-Summer Sonic 2002 Chiba Marine Stadium-Tokyo Japan. With 1/2 the tracks from the audience sound and 1/2 the tracks from the soundboard. If youve already download the incomplete version I recommend you grab this. Enjoy!

Our Concert section has been overhauled for better organization purposes. Check it out!

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