Aug 282010

I just spent way to much money on this promo CD that was handed out to some DJ in Europe for free. Anyway I just got this import from Germany in the mail yesterday and payed a good chunk of change for 5:47 of music. Its some-what rare though so its pretty cool to have now!

Another thing kind of cool about this release is that it probably was the 1st or 2nd thing put out once he was signed to Island Records. Mercury Records of Europe distributed the UK Party Hard [Single] 2001 and this UK I Get Wet [Promo] 2001; but its unclear which one was first. I would guess this one was first. It actually has the same familiar feel as the Steev Mike Radio Commercial. The songs on this promo are the same that appear on the I Get Wet LP. The artwork came as a paper sleeve (no casing). It also plays the music video of Party Hard along with some flashy menus when you put it into your computer. Now for your benefit and without any further adieu Download I Get Wet [Promo].

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Aug 272010

As you can see from above, in about a weeks time weve made our goal!!! This was completely unexpected but a very welcomed surprise! THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT CONTRIBUTED. There are some special people that obviously want our cause to move forward. We are forever indebted to you. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Let the PARTY RAWK on till and through November 2011!!!

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Aug 182010

Click on ChipIn to donate via paypal and keep the AWK Party going!

Transparency is policy here at as far as our cash flow. So I would like to take a minute to clarify exactly how your money spent and donations work here exactly. This website has been set up to bring in cash in a number of different ways.

  1. Our Shop has two different sections, CDs and custom clothing. Our CDs are set up through and our custom clothing is through We make a modest percentage on every item you purchase via our links.
  2. Ads, a tab for Google ads can be found on the right hand column of this page. Advertisements that might apply to you personally will appear there. Every time you click on them and continue on to that site well earn pennies for every click. However, abuse of clicking through is the quickest way to get it shut down for us. But please feel free to click on them though if they really do interest you!
  3. Donations are probably the best way to help us out because 100% of the money will be put toward the site. A widget will always be available on the right column of your screen, a tab called Fund AWK Music has a button saying ChipIn, click on it to donate! Any amount helps! Please let me know if you dont have a paypal account and you want to donate.
  4. We do not/will not make money off ANYTHING thats been created by artists! – So please dont even offer. This includes MP3s, CDs, DVDs, Bootlegs, Photos, Artwork, etc. its not for sale! Any content available on this site is for archival purposes only and will be removed promptly if an Artist asks us to remove it. By downloading content you agree that you personally own the content already.

I, dickalan have taken care of the first years worth of hosting of this website. Without getting to technical, this means it costs money to buy a domain name ( and it costs money to have the website hosted or stored by a company. Think of the hosting company like a hard drive and we pay for them to store our files (this website) for the time being. We use and highly recommend it if youre planning on building your own website; they have been great!

Now to the point of this post. This websites hosting will be one year old November 29, 2010. The cost to renew a full years worth of hosting is $120 USD (United States Dollars). This would take us through November 29, 2011. There is a risk that this site will shut down unless this goal is met. ALL money acquired, no matter the means, will be put towards the cost of hosting. After $120 is exceeded in a years time, the net profit will then be put towards the website owners personal gain, however great or small that is. IF a net profit is ever made the option to make donations will immediately stop. However, the other avenues to make a profit will remain.

To give you reference in how much weve acquired in the past 9 months, weve made $5 bucks! So we have $115 more dollars to go. Hence, the reason for this post. As mentioned above the best way to help this site out is via donations. Any amount helps! Youll need a paypal account. If you dont have one please let me know and well figure something else out.

THANKS SO MUCH, email me for questions you might have>

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Aug 172010

We got 2 things for you to get AGAIN. The first is the Bootleg of the Who Knows? DVD, except this time weve re-ripped all the tracks in a higher quality AND all the Japan Bonus Footage AUDIO is included. Basically what that means is an entire concert from Taiwan of 10 tracks is at the end. This makes for a grand total of 31 tracks! THANKS TO JOE FREDERICK FOR THIS!!!

  • Pt1 is all the re-ripped tracks you probably already have (but higher quality)
  • Pt2 is the Japan Bonus Concert from Taiwan

Also, Download the Kiba [Single] which includes the less-heard English version entitled Fang. Also included are the lyrics for the English version.

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Aug 142010

Subscribe to this channel on youtube. The creator has contributed more than you can imagine to our AWK fandom community, so return the favor. Hes entered it into a youtube competition. Enjoy!

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