I Want To See You Go Wild! Music Video

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At :30

He breaks through a wall (symbolism)


New York World Fair World of Tomorrow 1939

Car has license plate of 55

Taxi phone number is 555-5555


Multiple 33 written on walls

Do What You Were Born To Do written and you can also hear him say it.

Wild Steevs Electronics

All the way to the left is a guy named Dave Way Grow which might be saying Party or Pigy ???? any ideas???

At 1:42
Steven M. & Pete Bulb = Everything Is True

Steven M. = Is a skull

Twiggy = 55

Dave Way Grow = Yes!

Subway 33 & 55 Times Square

Cash 4 Bananas

55, 1939, 33, 39, 55, 1939, 33, 39,.etc. Billion Served,  Burger King


Creative Direction: Mario Dane
Senior Producer: Steev Mike

The Louise Harland Corporation/Steev Mike

Gundam Rock Originals – Bootleg

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Gundam Rock Originals contains 16 tracks of the original versions off Gundam Rock, not the covers by AWK. However, 3 tracks have issues, I couldn’t find a good version of the TV Series Opening Narration. The tracks Eye Catch & Peace for a Moment SEEM to be improvised-filler tracks. If you know any different and believe them to be actual songs from a soundtrack, please let me know (I couldnt find them though).

This bootleg has been in the works for awhile, and now I’ve finally got it to where I want it to be, at least close enough. It also has some more custom artwork and alternative album covers that are kind of cool. These should be the same tracks Andrew based his covers off of. So enjoy comparing them!

Download the album

Also see the similar bootleg album The Japan Covers Originals on this website.

Ask Andrew WK Anything – HQ Video

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In February (I know, a long time ago) Andrew did an event at Santos Party House called “Ask Andrew W.K. Anything”. AndrewWKMusic.com was invited to come and film the event. Here is that video in all of its 500mb of glory! Thanks to Jeb for filming it.

Download the file. Please seed it as long as you can! I’ll eventually host it myself somewhere but this will be the easiest way to get it out there since its so big.

AWK Ringtone Pack #1

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Get 18 AWK ringtones right now! I was in the process of making these for myself and decided to share them everyone whos interested. I think some work better than others as a ringtone or whatever use you might have on your phone. ENJOY!

P.S. The Who Knows? Japanese Limited Edition DVD torrent coming soon thanks to joefrederick. And the full HQ video of the ask andrew anything event. Stay tuned!